Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is around the corner!

For the first time in a long time we could enjoy the warmth of the sun and even though it was snowing yesterday and on Monday, today let us know spring is here!! I love to look out the window at the office and feel the rays of the sun embrace my face and watch the colorful clothes and accessories on the women and men walking outside. Swedish people are known to shy away from bright colors but these past years more and more colors are finding their ways to many IKEA closets around our elongated country :-) Personally, I love colors, the brighter the better!! I love my red coat, my many colored shoes, scarves, bags etc but my latest purchase really got me in spring mode. I got 6 bottles of nail polish, all pastel colors making you long for summer. The colors I bought are numbers 034, 035, 122 and the other 3 single pictures. I know I'll probably run to the store and buy more cause they are small and cheap so the more the merrier! All I need now are colorful pants, preferrably a cute pair of Royal Blue pants and more shoes!! I have my eyes set on a cute pair of slingback high heels with true summer color but we'll see if I'll get them, translation - if I can afford them. Aahh sweet shopping addiction.

Until later my sweets


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