Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fighting for a change

Sorry I haven't updated the blog lately but I have a wonderful reason! I got a job at an organization called 1,6 millionclub (1,6 miljonerklubben)! Woohoo I got a job :-D About time haha This organization was founded by Alexandra Charles who, after some research, realized there isn't a lot of research concerning women's health and there is also discrimination against women within the health care sphere. Most medicines are developed based on research done for men, also medical directions are based on men's health. This means we do not really know much about women's symptoms or how to correctly diagnose various diseases or prescribe the correct medicine. All women and men should support this cause because this problem affects all of us!
(Alexandra Charles, a truly inspirational woman)

The name of the club stems from when the organization started in 1998 and there were 1,6 million women in Sweden over the age of 45. 1,6 million women who were affected by the lack of reseach within health care. Today we also have a "sister" organization supporting women younger than 45 years. I love to go to work every day because I know I am working for a great cause and I learn a lot from my female coworkers and events we plan for our members. Please look this organization up and let us all work for equality!

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