Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 80's called....presenting Go-Go's!

While being born in '83 my memories of the 80's is filled with block-colored clothes, huge and preferably curly hairdos, and awesome music. Glee is today a very popular show (as most of us know) mostly thanks to the music. In all the seasons we get to enjoy great music from different decades, the 80's being one. "We Got The Beat" was sung in the 3rd season, with the all the Liberace pianos spread across the school, and it made me want to check out the original song (as many Glee songs do). In the video below, made the year before I was even born, we have Go-Go's with Belinda Carlisle as lead singer. This was an awesome band, only women, rocking and having a blast! Check out Belinda's dance moves, takes me back to Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air :-) Enjoy!

Until later 80's lovers


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