Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh My! 7 things about myself

My dear friend Sascha, creator of coffee and heels, nominated me to an award. The challenge is to tell you, wonderful friends, 7 things about myself...aaaaahhhh! I decided to make them personal and some are kinda embarrassing hehe. Are you ready?? Enjoy!

1. I am scared of the dark and spook easily!

    Yes, since my childhood I do not like the dark. It could have something to do with the fact that my imagination runs wild. If I'm in a room and you turn off the light, and I can't get out when I want to, I panic -- big time! I also get spooked ridiculously easy. Honestly, you don't even have to try that hard, all you have to do is talk in a normal tone with me and the slightest change I jump..hehe

2. I am paranoid that my zipper is open so I check it constantly :-)

    When I was in 3 or 4th grade I performed (mimed Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You) at the school's talent show (that should have been embarrassing enough but no!!) After I was done all my friends told me how awesome I was until these 2 guys, one year older than me, walked up to me and said: "hey, great job but are you aware of the fact that your fly was open during the whole performance? And it still is?" I was mortified!! To add salt to the wounds I wore all black with white panties -- eek. So now every time I wear jeans or pants with a zipper, I always check em before leaving my house and throughout the day.

3. I have a hard time eating in front of a guy I like

 (with my luck that would end up in my nose)

    If you wanna ask me out on a date and I accept you should know I hate going out to dinners for a first date. I do not know the reason why I have a very hard time eating in front of my dates but I do. It could be because my nose starts running whenever I eat anything! According to a doctor I am one of those "blessed" people who has "taste buds" in my nose and as soon as I eat something I like it starts running (read drooling haha) but no worries, it's not in a gross way, just sounds like it haha. Or it could be because I am paranoid food will get stuck between my teeth and my date is too kind not to say anything or maybe even worse, he does say something (mortified!). Perhaps it is because I have to run to the bathroom as soon as I am done eating (my digestive system is awesome!!) and I have a hard time visiting public toilets (ok for number 1 but NEVER for number 2). Or maybe because I am VERY clumsy!! Yes, all girls say they are clumsy but trust me, I am! Ooor maybe it is all these reasons combined.

4. I cannot stand smacking or any annoying noises especially when eating

    If there is anything that bothers me when eating it is to listen to someone smacking while chewing. Makes my skin crawl. Another annoying noise is when people draw the utensil between the teeth -- it has the same effect as drawing nails on a blackboard aaaaaaaaa

5. I LOVE sweets!!
    I am so grateful to be living in a country as Sweden where the candy is to die for and the pastry is perfect! During summer there is nothing better than a soft ice cream..yum! I refuse to give all this up no matter what!!

6. I am scared of the dentist
Yes, it is true. I am a grown woman but just thinking about the dentist makes me sweat and dread the day I have to go. Having a sweet-tooth and fear of dentist is not a good combination. Not at all! I fear everything from the waiting room to the dental chair and the tools :-(

7. I get really bitchy when I am hungry and when food is almost ready I automatically eat something sweet!

    If I am hungry and no food in sight the result is; me being a total bitch! I am not kidding. I have snapped, yelled, rolled my eyes, make snotty comments, etc -- not a nice person at all haha. When I am cooking or someone else is cooking and it is almost ready I look for something to eat (no part of the food that I am cooking because I don't like it when people start touching the food I am preparing or tasting it) -- S. always made fun of me for that hehe she always knew when the food was done, I started looking for something sweet :-D

That is it. Thank you for reading :-D
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Until later my friends!!!


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