Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shape up already!

Went on a rant last night after reading articles about the Middleton sisters on Aftonbladet, a Swedish "newspaper". Since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married the world (at least Sweden and England) is obsessed with Pippa Middleton's butt. In her white dress, which was beautiful by the way, her bottom looked very nice and fit BUT not outtathisworldstunning! Ever since that day I see at least one article referring to her butt. Here is the thing, if we see her butt in photos (I have not seen it live so can only say what I see from pictures featured in articles) it looks rather flat and very tiny, nothing out of the ordinary. If people want a tiny butt then good for you! I am happy as long as you are happy. The reason I get annoyed is that these "journalists" that write about how perfect this butt is, affect young women and men making any woman with a little meat on her behind seem kinda "fat". I can understand all the Jennifers with a big kabooze (Lopez, Garner, Love Hewitt, etc) get attention because they are fit and have a butt that really sticks out. But to obsess over the same butt over and over and over again would bore any sane person! Hello Kim Kardashian. Enough!! Congratulations Pippa, you have a cute butt. Now can we please move on?

Another thing I get super pissed about is how the very same "journalists" write that Kate Middleton has muscular arms and is very fit. WTF??? Where do you see that she looks very fit?? I am not saying she is skinny but she is not really fit yet. This eternal obsession with weight pisses me off, especially when you try to pass an obviously underweight woman off as fit. I remember when I had my heart broken and lost a ton of weight, I looked like shit to be honest, and still people would come up to me saying how good I looked. Not only did it make me feel bad because it made me think I was super fat before (which I was not) but worse, it put me in a mindset where I was concerned about gaining weight all the time. I would check myself in the mirror and tell S and H how fat I was getting and they couldnt help but yell back how stupid I was being. Because of these articles these sisters are probably really obsessed with their weight and fear to gain pounds as it might change peoples opinions about the "perfect ass" and body. Leave them be and save us all the annoying nonfullfilling articles you spit out outta effed up mindsets. Maybe you can focus on writing about the wonderful work the Prince and Princess do, probably as well as Pippa (not that I know as all I know about this woman is her ahmazing ass). It may inspire people to do more for their communities and the world. So journalists; Shape up already!
 (Just a glimpse of what the Princess looks like now)

*This entry is solely aimed toward the ignorance of journalists and not be mistaken for anything negative toward the sisters. I admire what Princess Kate's does for the world. I have nothing but admiration for this young royal couple.

 Until later, perfect-as-you-are, friends


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