Monday, August 29, 2011


I didn't watch the VMAs but after hearing whispers of what happened on stage I saw a clip of Beyoncé on stage. Was I the only one who felt her announcement of her pregnancy was a bit too much? I mean we got it when you were on the red carpet and you had to hold your stomach to show the pretty bump but to pet your belly on stage? Don't get me wrong, I am really happy for the blessed couple and we should all feel over the moon when we have exciting news like this but I just felt it was too much. Somethings should be kept private, after all you were soo keen on keeping your relationship under rep for so long and then you get on stage and take off your jacket and rub the tummy...I don't know, I just feel it was over the top. And do not get me started on Kanye, what the hell is wrong with that man? Yes, we are all so freaking happy when our friends have amazing news like a little baby on board but he acted as if he is the future father. Creeps me out a bit, but that's just me not liking Kanye haha.

Congratulations to Jay Z and Beyoncé and bless you and your future baby!

Until later sweethearts


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