Saturday, July 23, 2011

My thoughts and prayers

go to the people in Norway, Oslo and the children/youth in Utoya Island who where hit by bombs and shooting yesterday afternoon. It is horrible to read how kids tried to swim off the island but drowned because they couldnt swim or just got tired. The criminal wore a police uniform and told the kids he was there to save them and as they went to him, he shot them down. He blew up 2 government buildings in Oslo before heading out to the island. Before his identity was known this was called a terrorist act and people started pointing fingers but when they found out he was a blonde, blue eye Norweigan who lived with mommy the word terrorist started to fade. No matter race, religion, beliefs it is still a terrorist attack! There should be no maximum limit of how many years he will spend in prison, in this case (if I were the attorney) I would go for life sentencing in prison, no less!

I am growing weary of morons affecting hundreds of lives directly and thousands more indirectly because of their actions. I want to walk freely on my streets, without fear for my life. Instead of hating the authorities we should stand up next to them and fight violence across the borders. No more should morons affect how we rule and live our lives, we are stronger than them if we can find it in our hearts to just unite. Put everything aside, if you want to be free then you stand up against the hatred, evil, and injustice and help make this world a better place for our and future generations to come. I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TIMES WILL CHANGE, GOOD WILL WIN OVER EVIL! WE WILL TAKE NO MORE!

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  1. That is really horrible...I was left speechless when I heard!