Saturday, July 23, 2011

My thoughts and prayers

go to the people in Norway, Oslo and the children/youth in Utoya Island who where hit by bombs and shooting yesterday afternoon. It is horrible to read how kids tried to swim off the island but drowned because they couldnt swim or just got tired. The criminal wore a police uniform and told the kids he was there to save them and as they went to him, he shot them down. He blew up 2 government buildings in Oslo before heading out to the island. Before his identity was known this was called a terrorist act and people started pointing fingers but when they found out he was a blonde, blue eye Norweigan who lived with mommy the word terrorist started to fade. No matter race, religion, beliefs it is still a terrorist attack! There should be no maximum limit of how many years he will spend in prison, in this case (if I were the attorney) I would go for life sentencing in prison, no less!

I am growing weary of morons affecting hundreds of lives directly and thousands more indirectly because of their actions. I want to walk freely on my streets, without fear for my life. Instead of hating the authorities we should stand up next to them and fight violence across the borders. No more should morons affect how we rule and live our lives, we are stronger than them if we can find it in our hearts to just unite. Put everything aside, if you want to be free then you stand up against the hatred, evil, and injustice and help make this world a better place for our and future generations to come. I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TIMES WILL CHANGE, GOOD WILL WIN OVER EVIL! WE WILL TAKE NO MORE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scary marriage proposal

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One of the MANY reasons I love my dog

Why I love my dear, sweet, adorable Nala (a chihuahua). She would have acted the very same way :-)For all you that think chihuahuas are no good, this will make you think twice before speaking ill of the small dogs again :-)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So now when you hear barking, do not always assume it's the dog

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Rediscover great music

Songbird by Fleetwood Mac ft Christine McVie

Songbird sung by Santana (Naya Rivera) from Glee...I like this version as well

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

LOVE Michael Bolton n Andy Samberg!!

I have watched Motherlover, Shy Ronnie and now Jack Sparrow and I must say I love Lonely Island and their feat songs w various artist like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Michael Bolton! Check these videos out and enjoy!!!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fellow blogs I really like

Found two great blogs through and I definitely think you should give them a look.

This blog is about the wonderful high fashion clothes and accessories and how to do it yourself. I absolutely love this blog and when I have the time I will sit down and recreate an item I love but cannot afford.

This second blog I really like is by Sandra from Poland. She is an amateur artist with amazing drawings, I was blown away at her gift. She will be a name we will hear in the future

Check em out and enjoy!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Royal Weddings 2010-2011

In the spirit of yesterday's princely wedding in Monaco I wanted to comment a little on the past royal weddings during 2010 and 2011. Starting with my country's Crown Princess Viktoria and Prince Daniels wedding in Sweden.

After the ceremony the Crown Princess stood on the balcony and held a short speech to the people. She thanked the people of Sweden for giving her the love of her life, her own Prince. Daniel was a commoner, a personal trainer, when he met the Crown Princess and they went through a lot of media coverage during their 10 year relationship before their wedding. They had to fight for their love as it was unacceptable for a commoner to wed a royal member. After the people and the government agreed that the relationship was ok the couple could spend a few years together before saying: I do! It was a beautiful wedding, with a blue carpet (you know, the royal family having blue blood :-)) You could see the love between this couple every time they looked at each other. The speech Prince Daniel gave his wife and to the guests during the wedding dinner left no one unmoved. He spoke of how his wife had to travel abroad for a month and, in spite of lack of sleep, the Crown Princess stayed up all night writing him 30 letters for each day she would be away. This let us know how strong their relationship really is and how romantic our Crown Princess, who is known for being a little cool, can be :-) Nowadays the couple is always spotted smiling and still as in love as they were the day they were married. The whole wedding day was relaxed and focused on love and nothing else! Beautiful couple, beautiful and simple dress (perfect for the Crown Princess) and a beautiful day!

The next wedding in 2010 was the Greek royal wedding. It was not as covered by the media as the Swedish royal wedding. Prince Nikolaus and Tatiana Blanik wed on the island Spetses. A very happy couple indeed. I have not done any research on the couple and the wedding was not covered in Sweden so there is not much I can say about the couple or the wedding. Tatiana, an event planner for Diane Von Furstenberg, looked beautiful on her wedding day. She, also a commoner, got her exiled Prince and once again the love cannot be mistaken. I feel their wedding was more relaxed than the other royal weddings and it was reported that the guests absolutely loved the day and had a blast!

Fast forward to 2011 we have the royal wedding of the young couple Prince William and miss Catherine, Kate, Middleton. Their wedding was also very well covered by media and had been so for like a month ahead :-) We were all anticipating to see Kate's dress and it was not disappointing when we did get to see her. I did however, not like her make-up at all! It made her look so old. When looking at other pictures she seems so young, as she is, and vibrant but on this day she looked tired, old, and worn out. Prince William was walking around greeting his guests and joking with them before his bride arrived. The two princes were talking while waiting and one could tell Prince William was nervous while Prince Harry was trying relax him by cracking some, what we assume, are witty comments. They gave us not one but two kisses on the balcony, which sent a roar through the crowd. I just felt that this couple was so nervous that the love we could see between the Swedish royal couple was not as distinctive here. I feel it is sad that the (now) Duchess' sister's butt got so much attention and that the couple kind of fell behind (see what I did there haha). The kisses felt very planned and instead of giving a spontaneous kiss we could see William tell his wife that they should kiss...I don't know, I wanted/expected more from this young vibrant couple. We know there is passion, we have seen it before, just hoped it would show on their day as well.

I thought I should add this picture I stumbled upon on which made me laugh :-D

Yesterdays wedding in Monaco was very beautiful. His Serene Highness Prince Albert wed his long time Zimbabwe/South African girlfriend, Charlene Wittstock at the beautiful Palace Square with other royal and famous guests as witnesses. The day before their religious wedding they had a civil wedding with family witnessing. After the ceremony, while receiving a gift from the people of Monaco we could see how HSH Prince Albert had his hand, lightly, on Charlene's butt haha. HSH Prince Albert also held a short speech to the people of Monaco. This ceremony the shy Charlene showed her feelings toward her husband on several occasions and they looked so adorable together! The day after the couple looked very strained throughout the whole religious ceremony and after putting on the rings the serious facial expressions finally cracked and they both let the smiles shine through. She wore Armani designed wedding gown which I thought was nothing special and he wore a white uniform. Leaving the square heading to the car they were showered with white rose petals and it looked amazing. They got in the car, greeted the people on the streets, heading to Sainte Devote church where HSH Princess Charlene would leave her bouquet (a tradition in Monaco). There the HSH Princess let the tears roll down her cheeks while listening to a beautiful song. It was very moving and beautiful.

All these weddings we could see unions between commoners and royals and I LOVE IT!! You can add Norway, Denmark and Spain to this category! Commoners, it seems to be our era to join the blue bloods of the world! Let us just hope that the future royal members become a part of the family because of one reason only, LOVE.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

True talent!!

Can't believe he is 16 years old and taught himself how to play the piano!! Bless your heart! my Lord, the talent...Moves me and I hope it does the same to you :-)


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