Sunday, May 8, 2011

Take the punch

It has been a long time since I have been so angry that I can feel my blood boil inside my veins and where my whole body starts shaking!

I went with my sister, on this lovely and sunny Sunday, to look for shoes. There is a couple at the subway with a baby carriage. These people are not Swedish but foreigners whose parents moved here, or as I call them Blattar! These kind of people, even if they were born here, have not bothered to learn to speak the Swedish language properly. They looked like they were in their late teens and just had a baby. First problem was: why the hell do you have a child if you cannot controll yourself. Second problem is, learn how to speak like a normal human being without cursing everyone out. Third problem is, fight your own damn battle!

The subway was packed and instead of standing in the back so the carriage has better protection they stood right by the doors people walk in and out of. They made it really hard for people to pass because they were in the way, but this didn't seem to bother them one bit. So there we all are, trying to hold on for dear life so we will not fall on each other due to the horrible driving of the train. One poor guy had no ability to hold on to anything so he started falling over and instead of anyone trying to grab on to him they all started pushing him away from them. I grab a hold of him so he won't hurt himself and in the process he bumps the carriage (no way in hurting the child that does not even react to the whole thing. The father, who is like 5 feet tall and looks like little baby starts yelling and cursing at him. The guy apologizes and looks so embarressed. This, however, does not shut the dad up one bit! He keeps cursing at him and yells. So being who I am I had to open my mouth. I calmly told him that there was no way for the guy to grab on to anything and nothing serious happened. He started attacking me and calling me names and kept saying that the guy could have squashed the baby's head. NO WAY IN HELL WAS HE EVEN CLOSE ENOUGH FOR THAT TO EVER HAPPEN!!!!!! So, I told him that the carriage took the blow or bump so the kid is fine. He keeps yelling so I just ignore him. He starts staring at me like he wants to kill me. To show him that there is no way in hell he scares me (come on! You're a little brat who barely reach up to my shoulders and just learned how to wipe your own butt) I stare right back at him with no aim to be the first to remove my stare. So, after a while he looks scared and yells out that I should stop staring at him and I tell him that he didn't have to look at me in the first place and he doesn't scare me. What happens now is what got me to be in a situation where I contemplated to throw away my maturity and better sense. The girl starts yelling at me (with a very high pitch so the whole train stares at them and shakes their heads at them). She was saying how I had nothing to do with the whole thing. My sister was standing between us so she turns around (my sister is 15 years old by the way) and calmly asks her to lower her voice. So, she keeps yelling and my sister keeps telling her to stop yelling because she is hurting her ears. She gets more and more frustrating and after listening to her yelling I raise my voice and tell her to stop yelling because I'm done talking to her. Even her boyfriend told her after that she shouldn't have yelled. And she starts whispering how we are idiots and they quickly realize that there is not ONE person on that train that will say they did the right thing.

I was so mad and it was a true miracle I didn't grab her head and just pounded it against the window or yell back at them. But there is no way I will get in trouble because of ignorant people with no future in sight. What pissed me off the most was that not a soul on that train spoke up and said anything. Swedish people are the worst people when confronted! It sickens me how they do not have a bone in their body to help when people are in need. I understand that they are neutral but once in your life you need to make a stand!

Anyways, after I got off the train I was still shaking but thankfully I got off the train as a better person. They will realize how foolish their reaction was and they will be embarrassed. I feel really sorry for that child and I think it should be illegal for incompetent people to raise children, especially if they are kids themselves!! I am proud of my reaction and I would react the exact same way if I had to do it all over again but I would add the fact that I grabbed the guy so he wouldn't fall on the carriage but anyways, they are not worth it.

Very eventful Sunday afternoon so now I shall just relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun with great music in my ears!!

I hope that when you see someone attacked you will react because if you let it be you are no better than the attacker. We need to help each other our againts the morons of the world.

Until later my co-protectors of the world :-P


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  1. ahahahahahha you rock! I know what you mean about Swedish people not standing up for each other - and I also understand what you mean about people being incompetent to raise children. It's like I often say: being a parent isn't for everyone!