Monday, May 2, 2011

love and hate

So we have witnessed another wonderful wedding! Last Friday we could enjoy (even though I missed the party after the ceremony but that is ok..I guess...or maybe not..anyways, I digress) Prince William (son of the wonderful and one of my personal role models, the late Lady Diana and Prince Charles) and the former commoner Catherine Middleton. She wore two fabulous dresses by Sarah Burton for the house of McQueen. It was so sweet to watch these two lovebirds tie the knot. Unlike what my sister stated I will not write an essay about my feeling about this union other than how beautiful it was. It was evident to see how nervous Kate was and how William was guiding her through every step and with suttle looks assuring her that everything is ok! There was no mistaken in their love and confidence for each other on this fine day! I still think as I did the day of, the Archbishop of Canterbury should have used Joey's speech from Monica and Chandler's wedding for Prince William and now Princess Kate's. That would have been epic. Was just waiting to hear "and in this giving and receiving and taking and giving" hahahaha guarantee a laughter! But even without it the day was still wonderful. The girl got her Prince, a very happy ending indeed.

On another note, Bin Laden is dead and that means one less evil man walking on our earth. Finally. No need to write anything else as he deserves nothing at all.

Now I need to tend to my neck that has been killing me for the past week so work won't be a bitch.

Until later my happy friends!


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  1. Loved your tweet about the wedding speech! Just one thing: it's Sarah Burton.