Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tick tock tick tock

My dear friend J. is expecting a baby to enter this world in about a month and I am super excited. Just sad I haven't seen her at all during her pregnancy :-( However, that will change as I will see her real soon! Also found out my cousin is preggers as well. Now, you may think wow, 2 people in your direct circle are pregnant but let me tell the UNICEF office my direct supervisor is on maternity leave along with a couple of other women. Her substitute is also pregnant together with another maternity leave substitute, also another woman I worked with at the office is going to be a mommy any day now. All in all there are 7 women at that office that are on maternity leave or about to (what I know of that is). J's sister just had a baby and their cousin's wife also had a baby not too long ago. The cousin has two sisters and one is expecting while the other just gave birth again. I am sure I have forgotten someone who is pregnant but who can blame me with all the babies popping out every here and there! Some have gotten preggers but lost the babies one way or another and I am real sad about that:-(

S. can call herself a proud auntie, E. is sooooo adorable!!! He is a beautiful baby to say the least and I cannot wait to meet more of the sweet babies in the near future!!

I guess my biological clock is ticking louder than ever but I just have to wait my turn, for now I will be joyful for all my friends and family who are blessed with small bundles of joy in their lives.
But for now I need to take my bundle of joy out for a walk in the sun (oh how I have missed the warmth of the sun). Tomorrow we are having a very small bbq with my beloved M. I am sooo happy to see her again, it has been over a year since I saw her last but it feels like yesterday. Who knows maybe I will move to England and try my luck there. More news to come later. Until then I leave you with this very confusing entry and bid thee farewell!


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  1. ...I know, ALL my friends have/are having babies as well! Great for them but who the heck can afford a kid? Not me! I can't even get a cat.