Sunday, April 3, 2011

Music for my heart

I am in love!! I am and always have been a huge fan of good music, which does not mean a certain genre but good music. The piano always brings a huge smile to my face and listening to someone who can really play it melts my heart. I love songs, lyrics that makes you feel like the song is about you, voices that give me goosebumps, instruments that hit the right chords in my heart, interpretations of already existing music, and mind blowing creation of new! When I heard David Garrett play his violin my pulse rose immediately and I closed my eyes to take in every note that echoed out of this small but-oh-so-powerful instrument! I will upload one video here but I beg of you to log on to and hear the magic come from his heart, to his fingers, through the instrument, to your ears, heading straight to your heart causing your eyes to shut and your mouth to curve upward. Enjoy his talent and allow the music to enter.

The first video played by David Garrett is "Smooth Criminal" by the genius Michael Jackson and the second video is Michael Jackson short medley, may his soul Rest In Peace and may his music forever live on through the likes of David Garrett.

Until later wonderful friends