Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've won an award!! Yeay!!

How exciting!!! I just won an award given to me by my beloved S. at I am so happy she feels I deserve an award for a blog where I write what I feel and experience :-) It could not come at a better time!! Thank you my dear S! I treasure this award :-)

The ones I wish to give this award to are:

Easy Cooking for Bachelors My friend A's blog for bachelors hasn't been updated in a while but it is still there and I love how she has combined the lack of time and effort a bachelor might have and given them easy recipes!

Beauty by Sofie Was inspired by my dear S as this is her sister writing the blog. I find her entries cute and interesting to read so I give her this award as well :-)

Caprices of a 20 something This is a blog I love to read even if she does not update it due to much work as well as maintaining other websites. A.L writes so beautifully and knowing this really well from classes at university I highly recommend to read her blog :-)

Of course I want to give Sascha's Daily Drama this award as well as I absolutely LOVE her blog!!!! A must read every day for me!

Rules of the award:
1) Accept the award with a post on your blog
2) Pick 3 to 5 blogs that you follow and that were recently created and/or have less than 100 followers. Tell them that they've won the award.
3) Link to the blog of the person who gave you the award.