Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tick tock tick tock

My dear friend J. is expecting a baby to enter this world in about a month and I am super excited. Just sad I haven't seen her at all during her pregnancy :-( However, that will change as I will see her real soon! Also found out my cousin is preggers as well. Now, you may think wow, 2 people in your direct circle are pregnant but let me tell the UNICEF office my direct supervisor is on maternity leave along with a couple of other women. Her substitute is also pregnant together with another maternity leave substitute, also another woman I worked with at the office is going to be a mommy any day now. All in all there are 7 women at that office that are on maternity leave or about to (what I know of that is). J's sister just had a baby and their cousin's wife also had a baby not too long ago. The cousin has two sisters and one is expecting while the other just gave birth again. I am sure I have forgotten someone who is pregnant but who can blame me with all the babies popping out every here and there! Some have gotten preggers but lost the babies one way or another and I am real sad about that:-(

S. can call herself a proud auntie, E. is sooooo adorable!!! He is a beautiful baby to say the least and I cannot wait to meet more of the sweet babies in the near future!!

I guess my biological clock is ticking louder than ever but I just have to wait my turn, for now I will be joyful for all my friends and family who are blessed with small bundles of joy in their lives.
But for now I need to take my bundle of joy out for a walk in the sun (oh how I have missed the warmth of the sun). Tomorrow we are having a very small bbq with my beloved M. I am sooo happy to see her again, it has been over a year since I saw her last but it feels like yesterday. Who knows maybe I will move to England and try my luck there. More news to come later. Until then I leave you with this very confusing entry and bid thee farewell!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've won an award!! Yeay!!

How exciting!!! I just won an award given to me by my beloved S. at I am so happy she feels I deserve an award for a blog where I write what I feel and experience :-) It could not come at a better time!! Thank you my dear S! I treasure this award :-)

The ones I wish to give this award to are:

Easy Cooking for Bachelors My friend A's blog for bachelors hasn't been updated in a while but it is still there and I love how she has combined the lack of time and effort a bachelor might have and given them easy recipes!

Beauty by Sofie Was inspired by my dear S as this is her sister writing the blog. I find her entries cute and interesting to read so I give her this award as well :-)

Caprices of a 20 something This is a blog I love to read even if she does not update it due to much work as well as maintaining other websites. A.L writes so beautifully and knowing this really well from classes at university I highly recommend to read her blog :-)

Of course I want to give Sascha's Daily Drama this award as well as I absolutely LOVE her blog!!!! A must read every day for me!

Rules of the award:
1) Accept the award with a post on your blog
2) Pick 3 to 5 blogs that you follow and that were recently created and/or have less than 100 followers. Tell them that they've won the award.
3) Link to the blog of the person who gave you the award.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Please forward so we spread the love

Remember this, pets deserve the best companions so try to be one for yours.

Until later darlings


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let Bruno Mars sing it...

I will let Bruno Mars sing how I feel instead of writing it here :-) "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars is great!!

Love the part where the girl talks and the part where he sings he ain't gonna comb his hair....Enjoy! If the video doesn't work just go to and just listen to it there :-)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Might not be here tomorrow

Anyone who knows me, who have read my blog for a while knows I LOVE Ne Yo and his fantastic music. "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull (also awesome!) ft. Ne Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer is no different! I fell in love with this song the instant I heard it and of course I need to share it with all of you lovely people!!

Enjoy!! Carpe Diem lovelies

Until later!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Music for my heart

I am in love!! I am and always have been a huge fan of good music, which does not mean a certain genre but good music. The piano always brings a huge smile to my face and listening to someone who can really play it melts my heart. I love songs, lyrics that makes you feel like the song is about you, voices that give me goosebumps, instruments that hit the right chords in my heart, interpretations of already existing music, and mind blowing creation of new! When I heard David Garrett play his violin my pulse rose immediately and I closed my eyes to take in every note that echoed out of this small but-oh-so-powerful instrument! I will upload one video here but I beg of you to log on to and hear the magic come from his heart, to his fingers, through the instrument, to your ears, heading straight to your heart causing your eyes to shut and your mouth to curve upward. Enjoy his talent and allow the music to enter.

The first video played by David Garrett is "Smooth Criminal" by the genius Michael Jackson and the second video is Michael Jackson short medley, may his soul Rest In Peace and may his music forever live on through the likes of David Garrett.

Until later wonderful friends


Friday, April 1, 2011

My true heroes

A couple of days ago we could read about how a UN volunteer was shot and died in the Ivory Coast. Today we read it was a 34 year old woman by the name of Zahra Abidi from Sweden. She traveled to the Ivory Coast in 2009 and her duties were to collect data and translate all the information to English and send all the reports to New York. Due to a unsafe situations in the country all UN volunteers were sent back home. She did such an amazing job so they asked her to return to the Ivory Coast and work at another position. She hesitated but decided to return to the country and work as an analyst because she felt it was important. March 10th 2011 she returned and one day, while at home, a stray bullet is shot through her window and kills her instantly (paraphrasing Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet). Her parents also stated that it is important not to let her death be in vain or forgotten. As a UNICEF volunteer I feel I need to mention the work of this incredible woman. We think UN workers are safe but in reality they are not. They choose to face danger on a daily basis to make the lives of others better. I hope you read this entry and mention this woman's sacrifice as well as many other people that have given their lives to make this world a better place for the rest of us.

May you rest in peace. You are true heroes and you will not be forgotten! Thank you for everything you have given us and for your continuous work in spite of risking your lives on a daily basis. Bless you Zahra Abidi and all of our fallen friends of the world.

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