Sunday, March 20, 2011

Telling jokes

I read this joke and I must say I laugh every time I re-tell it (could be a reason why my sister thinks I am terrible at telling jokes). I have to tell you how it went down when I was telling it to my mom.

Me: Hey mom, wanna hear a joke?
Mom: Yea, sure.
Me: Ok, so there was a blonde girl and it was her birthday. One of her gifts was a gift card for "flying a helicopter" lesson.
Mom: Oook....
Me: So, she gets bored one day and decides to use this gift card. When she gets there the instructor tells her there is only one helicopter left and it only has one seat left...
Mom: Aha, ok..
Me: The instructor asks her if he shows her how everything works, will she be able to fly on her own? She tells him that she will...
Mom: Oh My God. Nooo...
Me: (I start giggling now) So, she gets in the helicopter and the instructor tells her she needs to report back every 400 ft. And the blonde girl tells him alright and takes off...
Mom: Oh no, she dies huh??!!!! (now she is giggling/laughing)
Me: Wait wait (I start laughing a bit more) so after 400 ft she reports back saying; "oh my god this is soo much fun!!"
Mom: She is gonna die isn't she??!!! (Laughing loud now)
Me: (Hard to control my voice because I am laughing too much) No, wait!! Ok, so 800 ft she reports back; "I could do this all day!!!!" and the instructor is happy she can manage the helicopter. 1200 ft is coming up but no report from the blonde girl. The instructor waits and waits...
Me: (Me hysterically laughing trying to get the words out while trying to stop the tears running down my cheeks) Nohohohohoho..
Mom: (Scream laughing and can't move from her place) SHE DIIIEEEEEEDDDDD I KNOW SHE DIIEED...SHE IS GONNA DIE RIGHT???
Me: (gave into laughing and crying and just tried to catch my breath after a couple minutes) ok ok ok...aaaahhhhh...ok *sigh and wipe my tears* so the instructor goes out and he sees the helicopter shoots down from the sky and crashes next to the airport...
Mom: AHAHAHAHA SHE DIED!!! (Bending forward, holding her stomach because she is laughing too hard).
Me: (Laughing harder) No, stop!! I need to finish this joke today!!! ok, so the instructor rushes over to the helicopter and sees that the blonde girl miraculously made it without a scratch. "What happened up there? I didn't get a report after 800 ft!" and the girl answered; "I don't know. I got cold so I turned off the big fan" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Sister: (From the other room and very calmly) The joke wasn't that good.
Mom: Oh, hush you...(wiping tears from her eyes)
Sister: (after I go to see her) You really suck at telling jokes.
Me: (Still laughing) But you didn't think it was funny?! Come on...blonde off BIG fan!!!!!!
Sister: (Staring with blank eyes at me) No.

Now, I haven't gotten that reaction from anyone since but I get a lot more laughs when I tell people how my mom reacted. I don't know if my mom is morbid but lord did she want that girl to die hahahahahahaha but that is the reaction when telling a joke in my house--well, with my dad it's *say the joke, get a laugh, and then having to re-tell it a couple of times and sometimes even explaining it and get another laugh* Ahhh crazy family. Well, I just wanted to share that with you on this fine Sunday evening:-)

Until later jokers!!



  1. ahahahahaha I think the joke was funny but your mom is even funnier!! and your sister is going to grow up to be one of those awesome people that we just love for their biting sarcasm.

  2. Sascha: my mom really took it to the next level. My sister is always spot on with her sarcasm :-) It's good to live in this house on a good day haha