Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Maldives

I was reading and she wrote about her desire to travel somewhere. I have been stumbling a lot these past days, thank you my sweet H. for sending me all the stumbles :-) They always bring a smile to my face haha. Many of the pages she sends me are images of wonderful and tropical places so going back to the travelling, one place I have put on top of my list (honeymoonwise haha) and it is the Maldives. One day, my precious friends, one day I will spend a couple of weeks on the magical islands of the Maldives. Everytime I see a picture of this wonderful place my heart melts and I instantly fall into the land of dreams. I cannot wait for the day when I will walk on the white sandy beaches, jumping in the clear blue water, and ending my day watching the sun set right by the water while sipping on a glass of wine or why not a tropical drink with the man of my dreams :-)

For now I will watch OFF THE MAP and enjoy the cold sun Sweden has to offer on this serene Sunday.

Until later beloved friends...


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  1. My coworkers, who all regularly spend their summers there, say it's lovely. As you may have guessed, the salary levels at my company are bound to vary a little. Or they all just happen to have really, really rich boyfriends.