Monday, March 21, 2011

Horrible wake up call

For the past couple of days someone has been calling me from "unknown" number and have done so every time I have not been close to my phone. Needless to say I started getting annoyed because they would not leave any voicemails and I had no clue who was calling. Last night I was engulfed by the wonderful stories of Off The Map and I went to bed around 5 am. This morning, with many disruptions from my mother playing with Nala, I had no want of leaving my bed early at all. I get a phone call thinking it might be for an interview of some sort, lo and behold, unknown! I pick up the phone, barely getting my voice out, my eyes still shut, and with a stuffy nose, only to find this highpitched happyjollyohmygodshepickedupokIamsoexcitedIcannotcontrollmyvoicefromshrieking girl on the other end. "HAAIIIIIJJJJJJJJ!!! I got a letter saying I should call you so I can start in the group with UNICEF Stockholm!!!!" The only thing going through my head is ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Why the hell would you call over and over again, not leave a voicemail, or hey you even have the bloody (read a worse word than that) option to email! So, I simply told her to please email your interest and you will get a welcome email back. This seemed to blow her mind because she had no idea what to say after that. It is like I told her to take her phone and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. All she said was "uhm, ok, yea, ok, uhm, yea, I can do that, yea, ok. Thanks" and then she doesn't hang up the phone so I can hear her say..."should I hang up, I don't know". That is when I kindly hang up the phone for her to show her what to do when a conversation is over.

Conclusion of this is; do not, I repeat, do not ever call me in the morning with a shriek of joy because I have the worst morning mood and your giddiness will not make it go away...Your giddiness is my greenturningmonster trigger as anger is the Hulk's trigger. Now you know, never let it happen again, okthankyoubye :-)

Until later wonderful people



  1. What confuses me the most about this whole thing is the "should I hang up, I don't know". Has this person no idea what normal human social behavior is?

  2. Haha I know right...I didn't know what was so confusing about hanging up. I said my peace and that was it = hang up