Monday, February 21, 2011

My anthem

Ok, three's the charm before I give up!!!! I have written this darn entry and every time I want to post this entry my computer starts FU*%#NG with me and deletes everything!!!

Anyways, what I have tried to post is; anthems of my life. Some people have talked about what songs they feel are their anthems, you know songs they hear in their head when walking into a room, the one song that will guarantee to cheer them up, basically the song that represents them. I, being the person I am, had a very hard time choosing ONE song out of ALL the amazing songs that are out there. After much thinking and listening to songs I finally chose two songs I feel are my anthems of the moment! Depending on day, week, month, and year these songs are the anthems of my life :-) Many of you would think, oh come on!!! Of all the songs you choose these?!!! Well, I want to remind you that my songs represent what I feel in this stage of my life. Not only is the music good but the lyrics are typical of what I represent and feel. The songs I have chosen are Katy Perry with "Firework" and Pink with "Raise your glass". These songs will guarantee a dance from me when played WHEREVER!! So, of course I will post them here (if my computer will let me! Dear Dell inspiron 1525, do not fail me now!!!!) so you can enjoy the lovely music.

Pink with "Raise your glass"

and Katy Perry with "Firework"

What song is your anthem? Until later wonderful men and women of the world!



  1. What a great post. I might copy you (giving you credit of course) soon as I think of an anthem!

  2. Thank you my dear!! Of course you "copy" this entry in your blog :-)