Monday, January 17, 2011

time for volume

Was browsing a couple of different fashion blogs found at my dear friend S's blog,, and felt very inspired! I ran to my wallet with the strong urge to fight the icy streets of Stockholm and do some damage, only to find the wallet empty. One day I will have the possibility to stop by a store, pop in and splurge without thinking about how I could better spend my money, but until then I guess browsing online and window-shopping is on my agenda. I will, however, go to my beloved friend M. and buy dry shampoo spray to see if it works as well as they claim. Let's see if I get the wanted volume (which is not needed in times when my hair looks like Simba's do) and the quick fix when needed.
Now, I shall have brunch and get ready to head out, praying this sore throat and throbbing head will ease a little. Oh how I wish it was summer! (Don't you wish you were here? I know I do!)

Until later my sweet sweet friends!


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