Monday, January 10, 2011

Cubs and babies, love!

Cutest love I have seen in a long time!!! So adorable and unusual which makes it worth watching..

Now I am waiting for S. to come over and show me pictures of her newborn nephew E! I must say that S's sister-in-law was a true trooper during the delivery! Her water broke on Monday and she went to the hospital on Wednesday morning and little E. was born Thursday night, January 6th at 9.30 pm!! It was a hard birth process, to say the least, it took over 24 hours for her to deliver the little rascal haha...Now, there are 4 more people I know that are preggers so hopefully they will have an easier time, for some there are still a couple of months to go (yes I speak of you J. haha) So exciting!!! Love babies and their clothes and shoes and everything that has to do with them :-) Think my biological clock may be ticking ;-) When that day comes....

Until later my sweethearts!


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