Friday, January 28, 2011

7 things you may not know about me

Seven things that you might not know about me:

1. I'm scared of: SPIDERS, insects, the dark, being in a bad accident, falling and breaking any part of my body, losing loved ones, eating alone in public, ghosts, the dentist and so much more!! I'm sometimes scared of my own shadow--no lie hehe it's sad..

2. I'm really sensitive: I can get really hurt by criticism but I quickly suck it up and try to make it better as I make myself better. I get really sad when being made fun of in public in a mean way...ok, again the list can go on so it is safe to say that I am sensitive :-)

3. When I was younger I loved acting and singing. I sang so much and so loud in the shower my family had to knock really hard on the door to shut me up :-) Also I would always speak English because of my love for the language.

4. In middle school and high school I was a tough tomboy with obvious feminine sides. Most of my friends were guys. Was engulfed by school and my friends, as well as my dreams!

5. "When I grow up" I would like to have many businesses all over the world to my name and be happy with my life.

6. I dream of becoming a very successful attorney busy with charity on the side of work.

7. I'm positive I want to have kids! Can't wait to have little ones running around but not until I am ready and settled.

I was "tagged" into this game by Sascha's Daily Drama ( and I would tag ppl but don't know that many that have blogs and that read my blog haha

Now you know a little about me :-) Until later lovely people



  1. Aah, spiders. Lovely little creatures. I'm thinking of adopting one just to get over my phobia. The deluxe alternative would be a trip to Malaysia - worked for a colleague of mine who's managed to lose her fear of creepy crawlies the hard way.

  2. Yea when I was in kindergarten my nannies wanted me to get over my fear of insects and bugs in general so they filled a room with fake bugs of all kinds and basically threw me in there and made me touch them all so I could see they were plastic. No need to say it did not work AT ALL!!!! My fear is still going strong, especially when it comes to spiders..eewwww *eerie feeling*

  3. fun facts! good luck with becoming a lawyer:)))

  4. Raya: Thank you so much!! Very sweet of you!!! I deeply appreciate it :-)