Friday, January 28, 2011

7 things you may not know about me

Seven things that you might not know about me:

1. I'm scared of: SPIDERS, insects, the dark, being in a bad accident, falling and breaking any part of my body, losing loved ones, eating alone in public, ghosts, the dentist and so much more!! I'm sometimes scared of my own shadow--no lie hehe it's sad..

2. I'm really sensitive: I can get really hurt by criticism but I quickly suck it up and try to make it better as I make myself better. I get really sad when being made fun of in public in a mean way...ok, again the list can go on so it is safe to say that I am sensitive :-)

3. When I was younger I loved acting and singing. I sang so much and so loud in the shower my family had to knock really hard on the door to shut me up :-) Also I would always speak English because of my love for the language.

4. In middle school and high school I was a tough tomboy with obvious feminine sides. Most of my friends were guys. Was engulfed by school and my friends, as well as my dreams!

5. "When I grow up" I would like to have many businesses all over the world to my name and be happy with my life.

6. I dream of becoming a very successful attorney busy with charity on the side of work.

7. I'm positive I want to have kids! Can't wait to have little ones running around but not until I am ready and settled.

I was "tagged" into this game by Sascha's Daily Drama ( and I would tag ppl but don't know that many that have blogs and that read my blog haha

Now you know a little about me :-) Until later lovely people


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ok people, just watched Tangled and wow. Seen it, Loved it, Recommend it!!! Absolutely love Zach Levi (Chuck) and Mandy Moore is amazing. Laughing from very beginning to end! Who knew Mr. Zach could sing but boy can he sing (don't think he is the one singing in Alvin and the Chipmunks) :-) Such a cute movie--just adorable!!!

If you haven't seen it, SEE IT!!!
Need to go to bed now, 3.50 am in Stockholm Sweden.
Btw, the dry shampoo works wonders!! Great volume and does its job in an instant! Now I am trying to get my hands on a pair of Michael Kors Sicily aviators for the summer--never too early to start looking for nice shades..

Ok, really gotta go to bed now--goodnight my beloved friends--until later peeps!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

time for volume

Was browsing a couple of different fashion blogs found at my dear friend S's blog,, and felt very inspired! I ran to my wallet with the strong urge to fight the icy streets of Stockholm and do some damage, only to find the wallet empty. One day I will have the possibility to stop by a store, pop in and splurge without thinking about how I could better spend my money, but until then I guess browsing online and window-shopping is on my agenda. I will, however, go to my beloved friend M. and buy dry shampoo spray to see if it works as well as they claim. Let's see if I get the wanted volume (which is not needed in times when my hair looks like Simba's do) and the quick fix when needed.
Now, I shall have brunch and get ready to head out, praying this sore throat and throbbing head will ease a little. Oh how I wish it was summer! (Don't you wish you were here? I know I do!)

Until later my sweet sweet friends!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Cubs and babies, love!

Cutest love I have seen in a long time!!! So adorable and unusual which makes it worth watching..

Now I am waiting for S. to come over and show me pictures of her newborn nephew E! I must say that S's sister-in-law was a true trooper during the delivery! Her water broke on Monday and she went to the hospital on Wednesday morning and little E. was born Thursday night, January 6th at 9.30 pm!! It was a hard birth process, to say the least, it took over 24 hours for her to deliver the little rascal haha...Now, there are 4 more people I know that are preggers so hopefully they will have an easier time, for some there are still a couple of months to go (yes I speak of you J. haha) So exciting!!! Love babies and their clothes and shoes and everything that has to do with them :-) Think my biological clock may be ticking ;-) When that day comes....

Until later my sweethearts!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Hilarious news

Hilarious video! If you haven't seen it, check it out!
Great remix by the Gregory brothers. The original is a news segment ft. Antoine Dodson.

Enjoy!!!! Until later darlings...


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's new day, it's a new dawn, it's a New Year!!

So here it is, another New Year! I consider myself blessed to witness the turn of yet another year surrounded by family! I know every year we make promises about the new year, you can call it New Year's Resolution if you please ;-P, and usually we tend to break them pretty early on (just check out Friends episode with their resolutions haha). This year I did not make a promise like I have before, I did not say; I will lose the kilos (pounds) I have gained, believe me they are many haha. I did not say; I shall put all my power in finding a job or get accepted to Law School (although they would be good to make :-/), I did not say; that this year I shall find Mr. Right at any cost. No, I said that this year I promise myself to just be happy! My New Year's Resolution will be to make myself happy, to be happy at any cost, to block out negativity in my life and bring forth the positivity! People, we have the world at our feet and we can make the very best out of every day wherever and however we please!! We need to push out the I can't and I won't and I shan't, instead we will say, I CAN, I WILL, I SHALL!! If you have a positive mind you will make the impossible possible!!!

The Executive Director of UNICEF, Anthony Lake said (paraphrasing): "our role in society is not to aim for the possible but of course our work will be called the impossible. We try our best to make the impossible become possible. If we are not to do it then who is? Why are we even in this line of work if we do not even try? Anyone can do the the possible but the ones with the real passion aim for the impossible."

This has been my mantra my whole life. I live for the impossible, I love the impossible, I thrive with the impossible!! You should try it, it makes you feel so much better :-)

Also, I found out today that one of my dear friends from High School announced my blog as one of the winners of the Sunshine Award! I was shocked and so grateful as I did not really expect anyone to really read my blog (but I do know that you, Sascha's Daily Drama, do haha)

So a huge thank you is in order and of course I return the gesture!! I would highly recommend everyone to check out Sascha's Daily Drama in High Heels! She inspires me every day to never give up on my dream which is why she is an obvious winner of the Sunshine Award!
Ok, time to get dressed and ready to go downtown and enjoy the new year's sales!! Until later wonderful people