Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night was a blast! I met M. and headed out to IKEA where S. was waiting for us. We ate a plate of meatballs and talked. I got my presents and they were amazing! They really bought the presents with my personality in mind and I loved them. Before I met up with M. I was getting ready and of course was running late as usual. I got my gift from my mom (money, which is always needed), and I Love how my mom turns to my sister and says:
Mom: "D. get your sister her gift you got her"
D: "What gift?!" in utter confusion "The yogurt in my hand? Uhm Ok, here you go sis, happy birthday?"
Mom: "No, the pj and slippers you got her"
Me: "Uhm, I am right here! I don't wanna know what I got till I open the present"
Mom: Nonchalantly "Oh, you already knew"
D: "Yea, cz D. went out and personally bought the gift with her own money right?!"
Mom: "Well I took your money and bought her gift for you"
D: Jokingly "Well, where is the change?"
Mom: "You want your 20 kr?" (Less than 2 dollars haha)
D: "Yes please" *rolling her eyes*
Me: "I am still here!! Can you just get me my gift already so I can finish getting myself ready as I have a friend waiting for me!!" Both looking at me
Mom and D: "Be happy you are getting a gift. Jeeze the mood"
Mom: while holding my gift in her hand and in full sincerity "what date is it today?"
Me: "Are you serious, please tell me you are joking! You are joking right"
Mom: Still serious "No why?" My eyes are wideopen I look at my sister and she is just as baffled.
Me: "What are you holding in your hand? My gift. So what day were you in labor 27 years ago?"
Mom: "HAHAHAHAHAAH OH MY LORD!!!! Yea yea, here you go...never mind" walking away mumbling

That literally cracked me up! My mother's confusion, and my sister's sarcastic conversations. I rushed to meet up my beloved M. who was waiting by the train. After IKEA we made our way to an animal shop, kind of like Pet Smart, and I bought Nala shoes made of bones for her to chew on but S. forgot them in her car so I will not get them till tomorrow. We headed out to the xmas market (one of the many in Stockholm) to find it was closed. I started getting sad until I realized the stands I wanted to buy things from was still open :-D As S. said, since it was my day I was very lucky. I got my sugar rush and made S. and M. join me in the rush haha as we walked up to the restaurant, Marion's Gastro and Diner. We sat and waited for the rest to come so we could enjoy a nice meal. After getting yelled at for wanting to pay my share of the food we went downstairs to bowl to 60's music (LOVE IT!!). We had one hour of bowling when most of the party went their seperate ways. Me, M., M., and S. went to Bagpipers Inn (one of my favorite Scottish barsbut there are some great one's in Gamla Stan, which is as you already know one of my favorite places in Stockholm). Finally got my cake with a candle in it (thank you dear S. for making the effort! That meant more to me than anything!) M. and S. made my day and night!! They are amazing friends!!

It was a great birthday and now life is moving on to other parties and humorous events. I will later post pictures of my gifts that are so nice and useful!

Until later wonderful friends!!


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  1. hahahah love the dialogue...what day is it today? that's something to say on your kid's birthday! Can't wait to see the gifts!