Monday, December 13, 2010


I woke up very early this December morning, December 13th to be exact. In Sweden this is a special day, it is Lucia. Tradition is that the girl/s in the family dress in a white gown and usually one of them wears a crown of candles on her head and together with her maids (wearing white gowns with glitter garlands) she wakes the house by going from one room to the other holding lussekatter (sort of sweet soft pastry) and something to drink while singing beautiful songs. Click this link for more information about this tradition called Lucia. Today my little sister is going to sing with her school choir and she is pretty nervous as she has a solo to sing! I am going to the church to surprise her as she thinks my mom is the one going. I will let you know how things went when I come back!
Lucia and her tärnor
Lussekatter, some like em and some don't

Until later Lucias, tärna, stalledräng of the world

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  1. How can you not like lussekatter??? I would KILL for some over here! A trip to Ikea outside Milan may be in the program...