Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feel another white hair grow out on top of my head

Woke up today after a few hours of sleep with a huge knot in my stomach. My mother calls from the livingroom to my sister to wake me up. She tells her this relative of mine who lives in Florida is going to call me. I get up, with a really bad morningmood and curse my situation and my parents panic when it comes to me. I waited for half an hour til he finally called. I spoke with him and he basically didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. "I should apply to a private school, if I apply now I will get accepted in 2 hours." WHAT!!! Why would I want to go to a school that will take 2 hours to accept me?? "I have the option to transfer out to a good school after a year." I have already checked that option and it was not recommended as it is apparently harder to get accepted to say, Colombia or UCLA than it is to apply directly to them. He also made a point of the fact that I graduated in the worst time possible, the market crashed and therefor it is hard to go to Law School and expect a job after graduating. If there is anyone out there who can tell me he is wrong please do not hesitate!! I need any mind-booster I can get. I don't want this looming over my head anymore. I don't want to make a decision out of desperation (learned my lesson and do not need to retake the class). I just want to wake up happy and be content with my situation in life. I can just hope it will come soon, last time I could do just that, wake up happy, was over 2 years ago. I want the pain in my stomach to go away, no more panic, no more worrying, no more wandering aimlessly, just good ol' me!

Until later darlings


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