Monday, November 22, 2010

Spell check please

Am I the only one who gets mighty annoyed when a so-called journalist makes mistakes in names, grammar and spelling, or just forget to add a funtion, which their article is all about? Or when a radio host completely messes up pronouncing an artist's name, or title of a song? I just find myself grinding my teeth and clutching my hands when I see mistakes my fourth grade teacher would flinch at. For the love of ..... we have spell check, we have the internet to consult, and we have editors! How can simple, yet grave, mistakes still occur? I know I make mistakes in spelling and grammar in my posts but I still try to go back and fix it. Also, I never said this was my job or that I am a journalist. If this was my job, believe me, few mistakes would be made, if any. When it comes to one's job everyone should be a perfectionist, in this manner we would eliminate annoying mistakes, confusion, as well as a disgust to continue reading articles from certain news papers. How do these people even get hired?! I read a fashion article online and still quiver at the thought of misspelling huge designer names, not recognizing famous artists, and so on. This is your job! I should be able to read your article and feel confident in the details in the articles. In the old days most of the journalists working today "would not be able to work in this town again!"

Ok, after blowing off some morning steam I feel a little better. I should turn all of this worked up energy toward my closet--time for winter cleaning!!

Until later wonderful readers


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  1. Yep, welcome to my world. As an online editor in almost-illiterate Italy, I stumble upon the worst of the worst misspellings. In the December issue of Italian ELLE, a page is mistitled - and this is ELLE! Don't even get me started on Italian Cosmopolitan. I sure do not have an explanation for how things like "Sofisticated Lady" make it on a page of a national magazine. And sometimes they even get the facts wrong, like calling Rachel Zoe a designer and Olivia Palermo an actress. And you have no idea what HUGE spelling errors turn up online every single day. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when Italians, who for some reason refuse to pronounce, write or acknowledge the existence of the letter H, write things like "an house" and smugly think, wow, I'm a whiz in English, I know that "an" goes before a vowel. Too bad H isn't a vowel, dumbass! No words. I have no words.