Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pure agitation

I am outraged!! I read in the papers that 2 boys have killed a guy due to drugs. They used a hammer and shovel. They were sentenced to 11 and 9 years in jail but due to their young age when they committed the crime the punishment was lowered. Instead of 11 years one of them got 6.5 years (4.5 years less) and the other got 6 years instead of 9 (3 years lower). The main reason for this decision was the fact that these killers were at the time of the murder "only" 17.5 years old. This means that if the crime would have taken place 6 MONTHS later they would have been sentenced to 11 and 9 years. What the hell is wrong with the judicial system to actually think it is ok to reason in this manner?! I mean in 6 months the human mind doesn't change that drastically that these killers will say, "oh wait! Let us not kill this guy because we are now adults! We know better!!" Screw that!! I understand that you cannot charge a minor the same way you would an adult but come on, 6 months is not far away from adulthood! When I was in Law School many things agitated me, including the fact that criminals of any kind are treated like freaking royalty. You have lawyers, attorneys, judges, who are just tired of their jobs. You can tell there is no energy, no passion in their line of work. You have ancient laws that are still applicable but make no sense. You have prisons that treat their inmates much much better than schools treat their students! Then the police and public wonder why crime rates have gone up in Sweden. I know many that have said, "who cares if I break the law, I will live better behind bars than I do on the streets." Some say, "oh why even bother caring, we just get a slap on the wrist." This is not ok! Did you know that in Law School they actually told us that if a woman/man have a SIP of wine and get raped it can be to their disadvantage, meaning lower, if any, punishment for the perpetrator! How is this even possible in this day in age? I am just fuming! Change needs to be made and it needs to be made NOW!

I need to calm down now, until later loved ones


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