Monday, November 29, 2010

All I Need Is You!

This whole weekend has been about UNICEF and this entry is no worse :-) I found this song and I absolutely love it! Andreas Carlsson is one of the judges on Swedish Idol. Together with this year's All Stars, Andreas (who wrote this song) recorded this wonderful piece which is dedicated to UNICEF. All proceeds go to UNICEF so listen to it and if you like it you can buy it on iTunes. I wanted to upload the official video but it is rather slow so you get the live version instead :-) Goosebumps is all I can say.

Here you go: "All I Need Is You"

Found a way to embed the official video (at the beginning you can hear and see 2 of the judges)Here you can enjoy the official video with much love :-)

Love the music, voices, and lyrics! Bless you for doing a wonderful thing like this! To do this without getting anything in return but appreciation is rare!!! Enjoy loved ones


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