Monday, November 29, 2010

Forget You

I know I just put up Cee Lo Green's song on the blog but I have to put up the one with Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee. She is awesome and this guest appearance is not an exception :-)

Shake it with the cast of Glee and Gwyneth Paltrow! Hope to see more of her singing.


All I Need Is You!

This whole weekend has been about UNICEF and this entry is no worse :-) I found this song and I absolutely love it! Andreas Carlsson is one of the judges on Swedish Idol. Together with this year's All Stars, Andreas (who wrote this song) recorded this wonderful piece which is dedicated to UNICEF. All proceeds go to UNICEF so listen to it and if you like it you can buy it on iTunes. I wanted to upload the official video but it is rather slow so you get the live version instead :-) Goosebumps is all I can say.

Here you go: "All I Need Is You"

Found a way to embed the official video (at the beginning you can hear and see 2 of the judges)Here you can enjoy the official video with much love :-)

Love the music, voices, and lyrics! Bless you for doing a wonderful thing like this! To do this without getting anything in return but appreciation is rare!!! Enjoy loved ones


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pure agitation

I am outraged!! I read in the papers that 2 boys have killed a guy due to drugs. They used a hammer and shovel. They were sentenced to 11 and 9 years in jail but due to their young age when they committed the crime the punishment was lowered. Instead of 11 years one of them got 6.5 years (4.5 years less) and the other got 6 years instead of 9 (3 years lower). The main reason for this decision was the fact that these killers were at the time of the murder "only" 17.5 years old. This means that if the crime would have taken place 6 MONTHS later they would have been sentenced to 11 and 9 years. What the hell is wrong with the judicial system to actually think it is ok to reason in this manner?! I mean in 6 months the human mind doesn't change that drastically that these killers will say, "oh wait! Let us not kill this guy because we are now adults! We know better!!" Screw that!! I understand that you cannot charge a minor the same way you would an adult but come on, 6 months is not far away from adulthood! When I was in Law School many things agitated me, including the fact that criminals of any kind are treated like freaking royalty. You have lawyers, attorneys, judges, who are just tired of their jobs. You can tell there is no energy, no passion in their line of work. You have ancient laws that are still applicable but make no sense. You have prisons that treat their inmates much much better than schools treat their students! Then the police and public wonder why crime rates have gone up in Sweden. I know many that have said, "who cares if I break the law, I will live better behind bars than I do on the streets." Some say, "oh why even bother caring, we just get a slap on the wrist." This is not ok! Did you know that in Law School they actually told us that if a woman/man have a SIP of wine and get raped it can be to their disadvantage, meaning lower, if any, punishment for the perpetrator! How is this even possible in this day in age? I am just fuming! Change needs to be made and it needs to be made NOW!

I need to calm down now, until later loved ones


Monday, November 22, 2010

Spell check please

Am I the only one who gets mighty annoyed when a so-called journalist makes mistakes in names, grammar and spelling, or just forget to add a funtion, which their article is all about? Or when a radio host completely messes up pronouncing an artist's name, or title of a song? I just find myself grinding my teeth and clutching my hands when I see mistakes my fourth grade teacher would flinch at. For the love of ..... we have spell check, we have the internet to consult, and we have editors! How can simple, yet grave, mistakes still occur? I know I make mistakes in spelling and grammar in my posts but I still try to go back and fix it. Also, I never said this was my job or that I am a journalist. If this was my job, believe me, few mistakes would be made, if any. When it comes to one's job everyone should be a perfectionist, in this manner we would eliminate annoying mistakes, confusion, as well as a disgust to continue reading articles from certain news papers. How do these people even get hired?! I read a fashion article online and still quiver at the thought of misspelling huge designer names, not recognizing famous artists, and so on. This is your job! I should be able to read your article and feel confident in the details in the articles. In the old days most of the journalists working today "would not be able to work in this town again!"

Ok, after blowing off some morning steam I feel a little better. I should turn all of this worked up energy toward my closet--time for winter cleaning!!

Until later wonderful readers


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can't stop dancing

Sometimes we just need to say FUCK YOU! I love this song, Cee Lo Greens voice is awesome and the beat forces me to dance like I don't give a fuck about anything!!!

Play this song and just let the beat move you...."FUCK YOU"

Until later F.......


ninja turtle

Fake or not? Check it out and tell me what you think.

Must say I was a ninja turtle fan when I was younger, sshhh don't tell anyone ;-)

Until later painter


Thursday, November 18, 2010

dreams dreams dreams

After surfing the net for godonlyknowshowmany jobs, I found myself more confused than ever. I know what I want to do with my life but getting there is not as easy. Until I can reach my goal I need to do something with my time other than volunteering (don't get me wrong it's amazing but unemployment is taking its toll). I was trying to figure out what other things I would like to spend my time with doing? I went over many different options, one that caught my interest was editors assistant at Sweden's largest publishing company. I saw in front of me how I run back and forth in the office (with a pair of Louboutin's), reading one manuscript after the other (on the treadmill), booking meetings, and so on, basically Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal. I researched this opportunity only to find that it was not what I thought, at all! So, I kept searching. I found a couple of interesting positions at law firms and sent my application immediately! I caught myself looking for jobs in fashion, but with no experience, other than pure passion landing a job is nowhere in sight! I love to walk around in shops and pick random things and put together various outfits. I checked out personal shopper (one step closer to professional stylist) but to get a job like that one has to work for the company and after a few years try out for this position, hmmm...I hope that in a few years I will be a lawyer and not trying to work my way up to becoming a stylist. However, S. is going to ask her former employer if I can intern for her (she is an up and coming designer, Patouf) so I am hoping that will go through, at least for a couple of months or so. It isn't paid but at least it is experience and that is more valuable than earning money at some other timewastingjob.

I am so proud of S. I must say! She lived in Italy where she studied and met her current boyfriend. They moved to Stockholm to try their luck but with little success and much frustration they moved back to Milano. While living in Italy, and here, she kept writing. She entered a contest on Cosmopolitan and won a 2 week (I think it was 2 weeks) "gig" at the magazine. She wrote articles and helped out at photoshoots, basically what every "fashionista in the making" dream of. She is now working as freelance journalist for Cosmo, and after moving back to Italy again, she started working as a junior editor at YOOX, loving her job. As she writes in her blog, she can't wait for Monday to come around so she can go back to work. One day I hope I will be able to say the same thing, hopefully sooner than later!!
After reading several different fashion blogs, online magazines, and so on I am craving a pair of Louboutins! Now more than ever!! Not only are these shoes sexy, sensual, and cute but they are also comfortable!! Beauty and comfort rarely go together but Mr. Christian Louboutin has succeeded. One day Monsieur Louboutin, I shall slip into your creations. I will protect, endulge, and treasure them. Match them with nothing less than gorgeous and glide down the streets, like a queen.
(just a few designs to show the art by Christian Louboutin)
(The genius himself!)
Ok, snapped back to reality, saved by the (door)bell. I can keep dreaming about sleeping with my Louboutin's but for now reality and making money is calling so until later my darlings!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flipping out

Wow, talk about losing it! And the rest just go about their day like nothing is happening haha

Check out this video!

This video shows a small but oh so brave creature. I was worried the boys would do something bad to it but a happy ending :-D You will laugh your butts off when you see this! I mean I think this is the inspiration for Mr Miyagi's moves on Karate Kid (yes, I know the decade is different but work with me here). Click and enjoy!

Until later my darlings


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great tricks!

Oh my God! This video makes me wanna get started on teaching Nala new tricks. She knows tricks but nothing close to this dog, Jesse! Watch it and be amazed :-)

Until later lovers of life!