Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random and a short lesson in history

Time is flying by, seasons change, people move, life is always altering. I was walking Nala today and froze my butt off! It is crazy how one day we walk with no jackets and the next we need our coats. I sometimes wish I could be somewhere warm, where I can swim and explore, and sometimes I wish for winter to arrive with its glorious and glittering snow. I recommend any tourist to come to Sweden during winter, christmas and new year time, or summer. Spring and fall are seasons I do not, I repeat, do not recommend you come. It is cold, gray, rainy, and nothing fun to do.

Summer in Stockholms Skärgård. I love to head out to the small islands around Stockholm. A feel of being abroad, especially for a few weeks this past summer :-) Can't wait for more summerdays spent in my hometown!

My beloved Stockholm with not so much snow :-/
This is a part of Old Town, my favorite place in Stockholm (in spite of all the tourists haha). It is called Old Town (Gamla Stan) because it is just that, and old town. It has been a town from about 11oo a.c. During the 1600s many buildings burned down, but we can still find walls and such from earlier times. The buildings we see now are from the 1700s and the 1800s. Love it but at nights it is very spooky--I know a woman who owns a shop in Old Town (many shops and hotels but also residents) and she says her shop is haunted. It is on top of the old Stockholm Konvent,Svartbrödraklostret, which is from the 1300 and she has many ghost stories to tell.
Typical street in Old Town. If you need any tips about vacation in Stockholm feel free to ask, I will be happy to help!

Change of subject; my work with UNICEF has begun again, keeping me busy, which I love. I am also in the final planning stages of my business and I am passionate about it :-) I really hope once it gets started it will spread all over the world--yeay!

I am so sorry for being soo bad with updating my blog but I do have a great excuse, my mother (who just learned how to manage my computer) has compnapped my beloved computer. The computer is on from 7 am til 4 am, while she is watching her shows, and then she complains about it being slow. She actually blames me for not taking care of my computer when I hardly get a chance to even use it. When her shows need to buffer she huffs and puffs and, under her breath, curses at it saying that I have filled it with shit and my email is making it slow blah blah blah--WTF! Best thing is when I have my cell on my computer, both are turned off, she says they will both get ruined. Why? "Because you should not have your cell on the computer like this, it will cause the electronics to fail." I have no idea where she gets these ideas from to be honest but some of the things my mother says crack me up! I need to record one of our conversations and show you what I mean. I should write a book about my mothers wisdom, it will attract a many readers around the globe haha.

Anyways, I should go to sleep but since I finally can use my computer I will use this time and watch some shows I miss, like, The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Chuck, Bones, NCIS, Lie To Me, House, and so many more. So many shows so little time :-)

Until later wonderful readers!


  1. I miss Stockholm lots, even though I'm crazy about my new home, Milan. Two of my coworkers are going to Stockholm in November and refuse to listen to me when I try to tell them that this is NOT the best month to visit this beautiful it snowing yet?

  2. Yea it was snowing yesterday morning but as soon as it came it disappeared but it was magical! Everything was covered in snow, imagine green, yellow, and orange leaves covered in white snow :-) Beautiful! They should def. not come in November!! Tell them December or January, even February is better..Make them listen haha..Just come here when it snows so we can hang out a little ;-)