Thursday, September 23, 2010

Desperate times?

It saddens my heart to see how people can be manipulated to vote for ignorant people! Swedish elections has, for the first time in a veeery long time, ended with a foreign hating party in Riksdag/Parliament. It is sad to see a supposedly modern country return to the era of Europe in WWII and U.S.A during the 50's and 60's. To spread that foreigners are the reason this country is falling apart, to claim foreigners are taking Swedish peoples jobs, to say that all the crime is because of foreigners, takes me back to the persecution of the Jewish people, and other "non-aryan" people, during WWII, it makes me think of the struggle of the African-Americans during the Civil Rights movement.

Are we saying that modern Sweden, known for peace and neutrality, is going back in time? Are we that ignorant to fall for someones words? Someone who wants to halt immigration of non-European people by 90% as well as send non-Europeans back to their countries? For people like myself, Aramaic/Syriac with no country, where will we go? I have nothing to say other than it saddens as well as greatly angers me.

I propose a week where no non-Swedish products can be sold, not a single non-Swedish person goes to work, no restaurants owned by non-Swedish people to stay open, anything with any form of worldly influence will halt. Let the doubters, let the haters see where Sweden would be without its immigrants. Let the politicians bring out a normal and healthy immigration plan so hatred like this ends. Sweden on its own would not last, without the culture of the world Sweden will not exist. I love my country but I refuse to live in fear! You say this only applies to muslims, but once you start you know you will not stop. I say, take all of Skåne and give it back to the rasists in Denmark and let them form their own self-loving land where no man wishes to visit, call it "land of self-destruction".

Let us raise our voices and stop the problem before it gets out of hand. Limit the immigration without persecution of any kind. Learn from our history and make the world stronger, better, and united. We are all Homo Sapiens Sapiens, with variations. If everyone looks, acts, and thinks the same way the world would end as we know it. Embrace your culture as well as your neighbor, admit our differences and love each other for them. Unite in hard times as well as good times. We all deserve nothing but the best, each and every one of us!

Until later world



  1. More power to ya sista'!! Kepp up the good work and spread the knowledge as far as you can!


  2. Oh, I couldn't agree with you more. As I live in what is generally a very racist country, I often find myself missing Sweden's open-minded attitude. But with this election, my faith in my "home" country has faded a bit. To everyone who voted for SD I would like to say: keep this up and you'll end up like "us" Italians, with crime and hate on the rise and Medieval mindsets setting the tone. I'm happy that so many young Swedes have spoken up about this, though. Maybe not all hope is lost...yet.