Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No it is not...

No, it is not what you think!! Shame on you! :-P This is actually frozen ice cream/lollies. It has been in debates for a long time due to its fallic shape and pop up manner. Yes, to eat it you must suck and bite it hahaha but I still love it!!!!! It is soooo good, there are different flavors but the cola is my favourite!! Perfect for a warm day to cool off. My sister, S., and I each bought one and I told S. to take a picture because if I would describe it I don't think many of you would understand or believe me haha. This ice lolly is called Calippo Cola by GB-glass and I would highly recommend it!! Even though you might think it is embarrassing to eat it in public I think you should give it a go, just don't exaggerate when eating it because there are plenty of people with their heads in the gutter!!
Until later brave ones out there!!


Ps. Love my bright pink nail polish hahaha. It has taken me a lot of guts to move away from the natural colors I deeply love and into the arms of bold and bright colors!! Anyways, I.d (I digress) :-) This is a discussion for another time!

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