Sunday, May 2, 2010

So adorable!!!

After our semi-successful day yesterday I ached my way home to sit in front of the telly. I watched 4 different movies before my eyes went on strike. It was a long day with a lot good homebaked treats and crappy weather! Today I have the benefit gala to look forward to. First time attending on my behalf, and will have a great time hanging out with my UNICEF friends at the gala as well afterparty!
During our event yesterday, the yardfest, I found the cutest gift for my coordinator who is preggers. I fell in love and everytime I see the gift I cannot stop smiling like an idiot with no care in the world. They are soooooo adorable and it makes me wonder if someone's biological clock is ticking??
Aren't they the cutest?! Since we do not know if it's a boy or a girl we went with a gender neutral color as well as a dash of UNICEF color which incidentally lead to the colors of the Swedish flag! We thought that giving her two pair of homeknitted socks (came as a package tied together) will allow the baby to grow and use the bigger pair while hanging the smaller in the babycarriage or something. I just cannot stop taking them out and looking at them. The small pair is so tiny!! I am so in love with them!!

(Thought I should show you the size in comparison to my hand. Sooooooo tiny and freaking adorable!!!)
Ok, I need to get up and get ready to see M. so she can fix my hair because frankly my dear I am too lazy. Until later darlings


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