Thursday, April 29, 2010


AAAAAAHHHHHH ANGRY, ANNOYED, UPSET, SAD, PISSED OFF, TIRED, these are only a few of the feelings I have experienced these past weeks. With a little sunshine there is a bucket of thunder! I am tired of incompetent people. If you do not know how to do your job, DON'T DO IT!! By you trying to do something, on your own, and messing it up time and time again only creates more problems for me! If you volunteered to do something and you swear you are a pro in that area then why is it that I end up doing, what I could have done once, THREE TIMES OR MORE!!!! And I am sick and tired of people not showing up but promising they will be there! You want people to trust you, to think you are responsible then prove it! Show them by first and foremost SHOWING UP, second try to do your best and not half-ass the job, if you do not know how to do something then do not lie, the truth will come out! If you are struggling I will help. Do not make a thousandandone misakes because I have to clean it up after you, something that could have been prevented if you had been honest with me and yourself! I want you to get better but if you are not even trying why are you making it harder on the people that are actually doing what they are supposed to? Why do you email, call, and text me about something you told me you could fix? Why in the Lord's name do you do all this too late? You should know pretty early on if you can or cannot fix a problem. Why do you insist on telling me you cannot solve something when it is supposed to be done the day BEFORE?!! UGH....

Some people I want to hug and thank for being there when I tear my hair out, others I wish to slap the stupid out of their system for making my hard life HARDER!

I need to get rid of any negative energy if I am going to be able to continue...I needed to get this off my chest so badly, poor S has to put up with this every day. After this long break I post something this sucky, sorry...I hope to post something positive soon and not wait as long as I have. This is it for now so until later lovelies...


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  1. I will be here whenever it's needed for you to vent...A.K.A. scream thine head off hahahah :P ;)