Monday, March 22, 2010

success, entertainment, and illness

I have been so busy discovering hidden talents, especially face painting :-) On Saturday me and M went to Hotel Rival because we were invited by Eva Röse, a Swedish actress. We were invited to raise money for UNICEF and we had a blast!! We were pampered at the same hotel that treated us like shit last time we were there during one of our concerts. Anyway, I got to meet one of my favorite Swedish comedians, Johan Glans, and he was so shy! Together with the cast of the show we stood by the theatre doors collecting money, all in all we stood there for 10 mins and raised 48, 939 kronor which is equivalent to $6,802.59!! In 10 minutes!!! We were blown away to say the least!! It was hard to come down from an experience like that and I still can't help but smile when thinking about it. We came home really late and had to get up super early the very next day. Since March 22nd is World Water Day we acknowledged it by having a UNICEF event at a water museum called Aquaria. We had three activities; fishing corner(Swedish tradition at childrens parties where the kids stand in line in front of a cloth representing the ocean. They hold a fishing rod and go fish. When the person behind the cloth gets the "tread" they attach garbage and pretend the kid got a fish. When the kid pulls the rod back they see it is garbage and as we lectured about the importance of clean water we threw it where it belonged, in the garbage can. After, they get to throw it back in the "ocean" and this time they get a bag of candy as a treat. It is a real hit every time, good thing to have at birthday parties), we also had facial painting (I refused to paint because I suck but after seeing the long waiting lines I had to suck it up and start painting. At the end of the day I was a pro! Gonna do it soon again haha), the third activity was the creativity corner (which was occupied by one of our own volunteers, and that made me "see red" haha There was no space for the kids to draw since she took up all the space). As spring has begun we were happy to see sunshine but mid-day of this wonderful event it started snowing. Winter did not want us to forget how wonderful snow is.

I have been busy with UNICEF that I have not thought about how nervous I am to get the letters from the Law Schools I have applied to. Until today that is, I got denied again from Southwestern and apparently it was the exact same letter they sent me last time, this means that once again this bloody (read any other curse-word) law school did not even check my application. I spend so much time working on each application and money, and they don't have the decency to read it...AAAHHHH anger!! Anyways, as I have to deal with my mother's sighs and her banning me from moving back to the States I try to get on with my day and plan how to improve my chances of getting accepted in the future...I am of course waiting for other law schools to decide and send me the notifications but I am not holding my breath.

I have planned on opening a café with M., starting a kind of PR agency with S., or another idea I have for an agency. Who knows maybe that will be successful? If I can find an illustrator to paint the images for my childrens book I will send that in for publishing, but it is not easy I tell you.

As for right now I need to finish the movie Push (with "2 gorgeous it should be forbidden" Chris Evans, the talented Dakota Fanning, and pretty Camilla Belle) while fighting a cold that my beautiful sister kindly "gave" me.

(I feel ya kiddo!)

Until later peeps


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