Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess who is back

It has been ages ago since I posted an entry but I have been really busy with UNICEF. Me and M attended a conference this past weekend where we learnt how to deal with confrontations, and how to start an organization and be successful. It was a long weekend and at times we were bored but mostly we enjoyed it! We had to be there at 8 am both Saturday and Sunday. I set my alarm on my BlackBerry at 6.45 am. On Saturday I wasn't too tired but on Sunday I didn't even hear the alarm. I got up, washed my face, got ready, sat to eat breakfast and checked the time to make it to the subway. I got out and walked to the subway and waited for 10 minutes, while comparing the time on my cell and the watch in the subway. When I arrived at the station where I was supposed to meet M, I text her saying I was early. She first panicked, thinking she overslept, and then asked why I was one hour too early. WHAT??!! I thought she was joking at first so I checked my phone again and it said 7.58 am: "man, I'm not an hour early..odd" I walked out to the busstation to check the time and saw 6.58 am FUCK I AM ONE HOUR TOO EARLY!!! HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT? I decided to go to a station indoor and wait for an hour for M to meet me up. That day was messed up! The day after I met with my Italian student who knows ZERO Italian and teaching him is not a walk in the park! I am so tired right now, came home from our monthly meeting and tomorrow we have a mini-education with UNICEF at night. I am so tired but loving it :-)

I have to go make something to eat for my little sister who is nagging about her being starving CONSTANTLY!! Until later sweethearts


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