Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A good laugh will give you a longer life

EEEEEWWWW MY SISTER JUST FARTED TO MAKE A POINT!!! For the past days there has been a marathon of farting between my sister and my dog, I share a room with them and let me tell you OH MY GOD SAVE ME!!!! She claims she let this rip to shhut me up -- uhm, it worked! Don't wanna open my mouth to get anything in if you know what I mean. Haven't you ever felt that? A horrific smell that sneeks its way in your mouth and you choke on the...well, you know what I mean haha....Anyway, the reason I wrote this entry was to make you laugh your butt off. I checked out Jamie Kennedys twitter account and he posts pictures; of himself and his family (including Jennifer Love Hewitt), cute, ugly, funny, of various objects and so on. These are 3 of the pictures that caught my attention and deserved retweeting :-)

I hope you get the same reaction I had..
(this is what I like to call the WHAT THE FUCK picture)
(This is the cute factor picture)
(This is the hilarious, rolloffmybedlaughingmyassoffwhiledryingtearsfrommyeyes picture!)
Until later sweeties

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