Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad, sad, and busy

Easter is approaching fast and I have to get paper eggs to fill with candy, find a nice top to wear with my skirt (which I hope still fits!), as well as maintain UNICEF schedule. It is crazy crazy!! and on top of that I got a denial from 2 law schools, one of them I applied to last year send the exakt same letter as last year, meaning that they did not even read it. I just don't know how to break the news to my parents. Not wanting to think about the negative I am focusing on UNICEF and Easter. Gonna head out to church tomorrow morning, and then to the office, to later meet up with my group. I need to shower now and take Nala out so I can finally go to sleep!!

(A typical Swedish easter egg with yummy Swedish candy. Happy to be making 5 of them!)

Until later sweethearts


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