Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad, sad, and busy

Easter is approaching fast and I have to get paper eggs to fill with candy, find a nice top to wear with my skirt (which I hope still fits!), as well as maintain UNICEF schedule. It is crazy crazy!! and on top of that I got a denial from 2 law schools, one of them I applied to last year send the exakt same letter as last year, meaning that they did not even read it. I just don't know how to break the news to my parents. Not wanting to think about the negative I am focusing on UNICEF and Easter. Gonna head out to church tomorrow morning, and then to the office, to later meet up with my group. I need to shower now and take Nala out so I can finally go to sleep!!

(A typical Swedish easter egg with yummy Swedish candy. Happy to be making 5 of them!)

Until later sweethearts


Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am exhausted! I have no idea why, but I am emotionally, physically, and psychologically tired with no effort to do anything -- at all!! I hope you guys are doing better out there...

Until, whenever I can pull myself up -- back to living life again .


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laugh as hard as you can

MJ this is for you girl...I hope you laugh as hard as I do everytime I watch a video with Katt Williams..if you can't handle curse-words then don't bother watching these videos...It'll be your loss haha

Until later ladies and gentlemen


Monday, March 22, 2010

success, entertainment, and illness

I have been so busy discovering hidden talents, especially face painting :-) On Saturday me and M went to Hotel Rival because we were invited by Eva Röse, a Swedish actress. We were invited to raise money for UNICEF and we had a blast!! We were pampered at the same hotel that treated us like shit last time we were there during one of our concerts. Anyway, I got to meet one of my favorite Swedish comedians, Johan Glans, and he was so shy! Together with the cast of the show we stood by the theatre doors collecting money, all in all we stood there for 10 mins and raised 48, 939 kronor which is equivalent to $6,802.59!! In 10 minutes!!! We were blown away to say the least!! It was hard to come down from an experience like that and I still can't help but smile when thinking about it. We came home really late and had to get up super early the very next day. Since March 22nd is World Water Day we acknowledged it by having a UNICEF event at a water museum called Aquaria. We had three activities; fishing corner(Swedish tradition at childrens parties where the kids stand in line in front of a cloth representing the ocean. They hold a fishing rod and go fish. When the person behind the cloth gets the "tread" they attach garbage and pretend the kid got a fish. When the kid pulls the rod back they see it is garbage and as we lectured about the importance of clean water we threw it where it belonged, in the garbage can. After, they get to throw it back in the "ocean" and this time they get a bag of candy as a treat. It is a real hit every time, good thing to have at birthday parties), we also had facial painting (I refused to paint because I suck but after seeing the long waiting lines I had to suck it up and start painting. At the end of the day I was a pro! Gonna do it soon again haha), the third activity was the creativity corner (which was occupied by one of our own volunteers, and that made me "see red" haha There was no space for the kids to draw since she took up all the space). As spring has begun we were happy to see sunshine but mid-day of this wonderful event it started snowing. Winter did not want us to forget how wonderful snow is.

I have been busy with UNICEF that I have not thought about how nervous I am to get the letters from the Law Schools I have applied to. Until today that is, I got denied again from Southwestern and apparently it was the exact same letter they sent me last time, this means that once again this bloody (read any other curse-word) law school did not even check my application. I spend so much time working on each application and money, and they don't have the decency to read it...AAAHHHH anger!! Anyways, as I have to deal with my mother's sighs and her banning me from moving back to the States I try to get on with my day and plan how to improve my chances of getting accepted in the future...I am of course waiting for other law schools to decide and send me the notifications but I am not holding my breath.

I have planned on opening a café with M., starting a kind of PR agency with S., or another idea I have for an agency. Who knows maybe that will be successful? If I can find an illustrator to paint the images for my childrens book I will send that in for publishing, but it is not easy I tell you.

As for right now I need to finish the movie Push (with "2 gorgeous it should be forbidden" Chris Evans, the talented Dakota Fanning, and pretty Camilla Belle) while fighting a cold that my beautiful sister kindly "gave" me.

(I feel ya kiddo!)

Until later peeps


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I like, I really do!

Swedish Melodifetivalens contestants I really liked are: Salem Al Fakir, half Swedish and half Syrian and runner-up, and Anna Bergendahl, full on Swedish and the winner. They both have their own sound and I really like em! He wrote and performed the song, which is not usual because usually the singers have the songs written for them and they choose their favorite to perform. The first video is Salem Al Fakir with "Keep on Walking" and the second is Anna Bergendahl with "This is my life". Hope you enjoy the chosen videos!!

Time for me to head out and teach the little Italian I know! Until later beloved ones


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess who is back

It has been ages ago since I posted an entry but I have been really busy with UNICEF. Me and M attended a conference this past weekend where we learnt how to deal with confrontations, and how to start an organization and be successful. It was a long weekend and at times we were bored but mostly we enjoyed it! We had to be there at 8 am both Saturday and Sunday. I set my alarm on my BlackBerry at 6.45 am. On Saturday I wasn't too tired but on Sunday I didn't even hear the alarm. I got up, washed my face, got ready, sat to eat breakfast and checked the time to make it to the subway. I got out and walked to the subway and waited for 10 minutes, while comparing the time on my cell and the watch in the subway. When I arrived at the station where I was supposed to meet M, I text her saying I was early. She first panicked, thinking she overslept, and then asked why I was one hour too early. WHAT??!! I thought she was joking at first so I checked my phone again and it said 7.58 am: "man, I'm not an hour early..odd" I walked out to the busstation to check the time and saw 6.58 am FUCK I AM ONE HOUR TOO EARLY!!! HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT? I decided to go to a station indoor and wait for an hour for M to meet me up. That day was messed up! The day after I met with my Italian student who knows ZERO Italian and teaching him is not a walk in the park! I am so tired right now, came home from our monthly meeting and tomorrow we have a mini-education with UNICEF at night. I am so tired but loving it :-)

I have to go make something to eat for my little sister who is nagging about her being starving CONSTANTLY!! Until later sweethearts


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jeff Dunham and Peanut!!

Found a new, homemade video, of Jeff Dunham and Peanut plus gang. I guess you have to be in the States to watch the whole thing, in good quality...Get ready, get set, LAUGH!

Until later darlings


Monday, March 8, 2010

Mr Awesome!

"It will be legend-wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is dairy!"

Love Barney Stinson!! He is awesome embodied!

Until later HIMYM fans


The Oscars and some of the gowns

I was watching the, On The Red Carpet, of the Oscars last night and had a word or two to say about the gowns -- some nicer than others. I watched the acceptance speeches and I have to say this year, I feel, the jury of the Oscars made the right decisions. Mo'nique, Sandra, Jeff, and all the other winners were absolutely worthy winners. This year was a hard year because all the nominees were amazing but the winners I guess deserved it more haha..I personally love the comedian Sandra Bullock, who gave an impeccable performance on The Blind Side (for you that have read my blog know I love that movie). I loved her acceptance speech and I definitely think she deserved to win.

About the dresses I must say not many blew me away but there were some dresses that just made my heart skip a beat :-)

Sandra was a sure hit in her Marchesa silver beaded column gown with embroidered illusion bodice. She allowed the dress to really shine through with simple hair and wonderful, yet not over the top makeup. She was beautiful from top to bottom -- a true winner! Radiant!

Another beautiful gown was Anna Kendrick, she was nominated for her supporting role in Up In the Air. Most of us know her from Twilight as Jessica. She was absolutely gorgeous in Elie Saab (one of my top favorite designers!). Ever time I see Anna on the red carpet she look wonderful. She has wonderful taste and one hell of a stylist! Keep rocking the red carpet :-)

Another gorgeous Elie Saab gown was worn by Rachel McAdams. The dress gives the romantic and flowy feel which lights up the sweet sweet actress. The gown is perfect for her! Hands down a hit at the Oscars. The image is fuzzy because I could not find this image on which is odd so I borrowed it from another blog, Just

Elizabeth Banks looked dreamy in her layered grey Versace gown. She looked like perfection last night just like a real star, far away from her role in Zach and Miri make a porno, luckily.

I also liked:
Demi Moore, sporting a beautiful gown by Versace, however I wish it was in another color as it is very similar to Demi's skincolor -- but still very pretty!
Cameron Diaz looks dazzling in her Oscar de la Renta gown. As many of you know I love Oscar de la Renta and this gown is no exception.

However, I was conflicted by some gowns. One of my favorite actress' is Kate Winslet, wearing Yves Saint Laurent. It was not a show-stopper, but nontheless she looked elegantly majestic in it. She absolutely glows on the red carpet!

Zoe Saldana is a beautiful woman who looks amazing in anything she puts on, this gown, by Givenchy, has me conflicted because of the bottom part. I don't know whether to love or hate it! The top is really pretty but the bottom reminds me of a bathroom rug.
Either way they are featured here because they stood out to me in one way or another. Wonderful night filled with glamour, the way Hollywood should be!
Until later fashion and glamour lovers!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A good laugh will give you a longer life

EEEEEWWWW MY SISTER JUST FARTED TO MAKE A POINT!!! For the past days there has been a marathon of farting between my sister and my dog, I share a room with them and let me tell you OH MY GOD SAVE ME!!!! She claims she let this rip to shhut me up -- uhm, it worked! Don't wanna open my mouth to get anything in if you know what I mean. Haven't you ever felt that? A horrific smell that sneeks its way in your mouth and you choke on the...well, you know what I mean haha....Anyway, the reason I wrote this entry was to make you laugh your butt off. I checked out Jamie Kennedys twitter account and he posts pictures; of himself and his family (including Jennifer Love Hewitt), cute, ugly, funny, of various objects and so on. These are 3 of the pictures that caught my attention and deserved retweeting :-)

I hope you get the same reaction I had..
(this is what I like to call the WHAT THE FUCK picture)
(This is the cute factor picture)
(This is the hilarious, rolloffmybedlaughingmyassoffwhiledryingtearsfrommyeyes picture!)
Until later sweeties