Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VENTING again...

I have now finished this weeks events and they were a BLAST!! I would love to do this again and again but the party will stop I guess.

I just have to get this piece of information off my chest, because it pissed me off!!!!

I get so mad when I read in the papers about charity concerts for Haiti by people that really don't give a shit about the people in need. To them this is the perfect opportunity for free PR! The worst concert taking place now is with an artist called Carola, she is one of Swedens biggest stars. When the earthquake ruined Haiti she was in the papers expressing her worries and heartache for the child she gives money to every month. She was crying about how she didn't know if he is alive or not and how she needs to go to Haiti to find him! Later the papers wrote about her joy when finding out the boy was alive. She went down there to meet him and of course once again the papers wrote about it. Here is the funny thing, she went down there to see the boy and she brought him a gift (there is a picture of this actually), the gift was a bottle of perfume! What the hell is wrong with you woman??!! You bring someone who has lost friends, family, home, EVERYTHING, a bottle of perfume!! Have you been smoking up too much that you have lost all your braincells?!! The boy actually told the papers, after she left, that he needed food but from his donor, who is an effing millionaire, but got perfume. How am I supposed to react when I, a couple of weeks later, see her face plastered in the papers along with two other dumbasses, talking about the charity concert coming up. When we had our charity concert this Sunday we tried to get papers to cover and advertise it only to get the answer that it is old news. WHAT??!! Where in your right mind is the condition in Haiti old news?! Someone please explain that to me! Anyways, the worst thing was not seeing their stupid smug faces but actually reading the article. They basically briefly mentioned the concert was a benefit for the situation in Haiti but the main story was about the three people in the picture, their passion when catastrophe hits (she actually said she comes to life when catastrophe occurs in the world--weirdo!), how they feel about this concert. One of them said he feels bad that he doesn't send money and then Carola says: "well, now you are giving of your time so you can feel good when putting your head on the pillow". Uhm, yea he is giving 3 hours of his LIFE to this! No, I hope you have nightmares and don't feel good when putting your head on the pillow! When you start doing things for other people without it benefiting you and your job, then you can feel good going to sleep! The concert will raise money for Carolas organization, *SCOFF* if they actually ever get there! These people have not been in the spotlight for some time and feel that they can take advantage of a situation like this to get back in the public eye. I used to respect Carola as a person and artist, now I am ashamed and so sad that people like this get all the attention and people like Lasse, who arranged our concert out of the kindness of his heart, gets no attention. Shame on everyone that is a part of this circus of media whores! Shame on you!

I know I can feel good about my efforts, get no pay and work over 12 hours a day. I can rest assured the money I raise will go straight to the projects UNICEF are working on in Haiti. They will not go to buying bottles of perfume that is for sure!

Now that I have ventilated I can actually post something fun! I read in the paper about this unknown singer and just had to post his youtube video.

Celebrated by Perez Hilton, Swedish Magnus Weideskog sings a cover of "Tik Tok". He is really good! I found out about him in a swedish newspaper. I hope you enjoy it!!

Until later darlings


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