Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To hell with all kinds of diets!

I have been on a "diet" these past days, and by diet I mean no more junk food, candy, or anything that is not food or healthy. I started off this diet about 2 weeks ago and to be honest my stomach has just grown. S is the one who lured me in and at first she said to eat whatever food I wanted but in moderation. Ok, I can totally get that. Then she said to eat less carbs, which I agreed to. And then she said to eat mostly salad and chicken, if I wanna have a potatoe I should eat much less in one meal only to increase my other meal by a little and bla bla bla, and so began the route to diet hell. THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!!!! I was drawn in by the pretences that I would maintain my food and just cut out all the sweets I would eat throughout the day. I have decided not to OBSESS about what I eat during my meals but eat what I want and exercise at the same time, something S. does not believe in at this moment. She said to follow this food plan (she doesn't believe in diets -- call an apple an orange but it is still an apple..this is a diet!) After following this "plan" and shedding some fat then exercising will start...SCREW THIS!!! I have been a straight up BITCH because all I can think about is what I can and cannot eat -- I start craving crap I don't even like, such as chocolate! I should have known better, forbidding me to eat something just makes me crave it that much more! Ugh, anger and craving are pouring out of every pore in my body....

Luckily I love fruit so I have replaced all my snacks with fruit. In order for me not to get bored I vary my fruit, for example I made fruit cocktails, fruit salads, regular fruit etc. It may take me longer to lose the weight but at least I won't be such a bitch any longer! No more guilt but more determination!!!

Here are some pics of what I made but could not eat:

In the fruit cup is;- pomegranate, strawberries (I have been eating soo many strawberries it scares my parents), and kiwi!!! Delish! Then there is chocolate pudding (dunno if it's good because I never tasted it) In the middle it is chocolate pudding mixed with vanilla custard (same story as chocolate pudding)

Then I did something very naughty! I poured vanilla custard over the fruit cup -- fruit cocktail or whatchamightcallit...but the fruit was sooo addicting! It was worth the amount of time it took to fix all the fruit. Lemme tell you, pomegranate that is not fresh fresh is pain in the ass to break..but if you want it bad enough it is worth the fight! Great dessert for dinner guests, very fresh and light and very easy to make!

(Nala longing for the yummy things in the cup)

Here is another picture of the adorable Nala (who loves pomegranates) eating pomegranate

(I wannaaa say...E.T phone think she thinks it it sour? It is not even in her mouth, she just licked the juice haha)

(She walked away mad because I would not let her have vanilla custard...and if one more person tells me she is fat or too big I will flip out! For all of you Paris Hilton wannabes, this is the size of a pure bred female chihuahua. Not a freaking tea-cup! She is not an accessory to the bag!

(Her favorite place to chillax. As you can see on the right hand corner, her bed is right there but she prefers my pillow when I am not around. I caught her sleeping and as soon as I took out the camera she had to pose. It is like she thinks she is Paris Hilton at times)

Until later food lovers!! Down with diets!!!

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