Monday, February 1, 2010

Speaks to the heart

Back to Rated R! Will.I.A.M is an amazing artist and this song feat Rihanna is a clear HIT!

More songs for you to enjoy!

"Photographs" really depicts emotions that we have all felt at least once in our lifetime..

"All I've got is nothing without you...."

This next song speaks to my heart as I have been in the situation sung in the song. Someone once said that love makes people stupid and guess what, the same person made me more though. Every word in this song, I have said and heard about a specific STUPID period in my life, a long period not too long ago. For all of you who have been heartbroken will understand every word these amazing artists are singing...finally a song that literally describes my feelings, word by word!

Ne-Yo (just love his work!! Amazing), Brandy (What an artist! wow), and Rihanna (A star that keeps rising)

"Stupid in Love"

Until later strong men and women


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