Friday, February 26, 2010

rage rage rage

(I feel ya dude!)

Rage just POURS out every cell!!! Earlier I wrote an entry about that flimsical artist, Carola. I have read a new article about her concert. IT IS SO ENRAGING!!!!!!!!!!!!! The article covered the story about how she surprised the host of the concert by "popping the question", nowhere in the article did they refer to Haiti (only that the benefit concert was for Haiti). The comments were the best to read, one who actually went to the concerts wrote, and I quote

"emkola, 65 år, Idag 12:56
Är så besviken idag. Trodde att jag igårkväll var på en stödgala för Haiti, men det visade sig vara en billig flamsdeiting-gala. Ångrar mitt stöd då jag inte tror att denna gala var ett dugg seriös. Aldrig mer Filadelfiakyrkan!"

Let me translate this for all you non swedish speaking lovelies, I will translate it just as she wrote it so I know it will look weird but so you know I am not making anything up:

"emkola, 65 years, Today 12:56 (person writing the entry and date)
Am so disappointed today. Thought I last night was at a benefitgala for Haiti, but it turned out to be a cheap flimsydating-gala. Regret my support as I do not think this gala was serious at all. No more Filadelfiachurch!"

~source is

It is really sad that no matter what this moronic woman does the Swedish media loves to cover her dumbass stories in the papers.

I should go take a cold shower before my rage increases and I throw my computer to the floor :-P
Until later darlings


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