Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost time and odd hotels

Crazy morning today. I had an appointment somewhere that is an hour away from home. I got on the subway, to get to the train. It took me a hell of a long time and lots of freezing. I finally arrived and she looks at me in surprise.

Me: Hi Z.
Z: Uhm, hi. What's up?
Me: (oh no something is wrong!) I have an appointment.
Z: When?
Me: Uhm, today at 11 am. Now actually.
Z: What is it for?
Me: The usual.
Z: No, it's in March.
Me: (WHAT THE FUCK!!!) Hmm, no. You wrote on my card it is today.
She runs inside to check her calender. I check mine, I am right.
Z: I must have written the wrong month because I have March 27. It is also a Saturday. Shit, this is the second time I do this to you! I am so sorry! Come back next month and I will lower the price for you.

I smile and reluctantly go to the train to get to the subway to get back home. Lost 2 hours on the road and accomplished nothing. I got home and wanted to go to sleep so bad but instead of giving into my desire for my bed, I opened the computer and started reading the online papers. I found this awesome article about odd hotels and hotel rooms, around the world and felt I needed to share my findings with you. I would love to host a show whose main plot is to find the weirdest hotels all over the world! That would be an amazing job and experience :-)
(Snow hotel in Kemi, Finland is one of the hotels I would define as odd. Beautiful but odd haha. Click on the link, odd hotels and hotel rooms, for more pictures)

For now I will return to the online treasure hunt and perhaps I will find my way to the end!!
Until later wordly people


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