Friday, February 26, 2010

Least I Could Do!!!

A year ago or so H. told me about this webcomic, Least I Could Do. I have referred to it before on my blog but never actually linked it (as far as I can remember). I really like it and want you to check it out. I have linked it to the first page ever made (click on the website title underlined above) but the interesting parts come later on when the artists are: Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza -- actually even earlier. But for you to understand the comic it is worth reading from the beginning. The comic is updated on a daily basis and on Valentine's Day they have a contest where readers send in why they should be depicted in the comic and who they want to date. It is a humourous comic, bringing up current events in its own manner, using loads of sexual contents and the main character, Rayne is player number 1!! I cannot explain it as it deserves so just check it out and hopefully you will not be disappointed!

(Rayne is in the middle, surrounded with some of the characters from the comic)

Until later fantasy lovers


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