Sunday, February 14, 2010

Down with fake day :P

I have written a couple of entries but I guess they didn't register -- ugh!! Anyways, Happy crappy day all!! I honestly do not believe in V-day. What a LAME excuse for people who are too lazy or crappy to show their love and affection on a daily basis. The best thing is that this day is supposed to be for the people that can only show their love ONE day out of 365 days BUT they still manage to forget about the day when it arrives hahahahaha....lame lame lame...Oh I so dislike how the restaurants were/are in LA. We made the mistake of wanting to eat out on V-day but without reservations there was no point in leaving the house. IF you are lucky to get in at a restaurant the menu is fixed for couples and looooove food (whatever bs that is). I have never prayed for a McDonalds or any other fast food place as hard as I did that day! I am not one of the people that go around walking on air because it's Valentine's Day nor am I like the people sulking, scoffing or hating on that day -- I am a person who thinks the world has lost the true meaning of Valentines day! It is not what Hallmark wants us to believe. You are supposed to show your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend ALL THE TIME!! You never know when it is gone so one day will not suffice!

Check out this link where you can find a little something about true Valentine (if you read the whole article you will see that Nimrod actually means mighty hunter...I should stop calling people Nimrod when I want to insult them, defeats the purpose don't you think?). I hope you like what the fake day actually means and get you out of the state of "I MUST celebrate it!"

Until later every day lovers


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