Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charity, stress and illness

We had our first meeting as coordinator yesterday, which I almost missed, and it was so much fun! Me and my new wonderful friend M. have been going over all the things we brought up at the meeting so it was all a rerun but for the rest of the group it was all new news. Our upcoming event is a benefit concert to help UNICEFs work in Haiti, unfortunately the number of sold tickets is horrifically low!! If you happen to be in Stockholm please feel free to buy a ticket at It will take place at Hotel Rival in Stockholm at 7 pm. The tickets are 240 kronor, and all the proceeds will go to UNICEF. Tickets will be sold at the door as well :-)

This past week I have been busy with recruiting VärldsFörälder "WorldParents", monthly donation to UNICEF and all the causes we work for, at IKEA. It was real fun but it literally took my breath away, I have no idea how many balloons I gave my oxygen to! This weekend will be more balloons, dreading it already! I have been so busy lately that I finally turned the day around again. Not only am busy with volunteering but one of my close friends from high school, who loves photography and is thinking of selling her art, does not know how to begin or go about things. The saddest part is that she does not believe in own talent, so my job is to help her out -- or as I like to call it: be her manager. I have some great ideas and have made up a plan for her to follow if she wants. One thing that I think will be exciting is having a small gallery opening. One of my other close friends from high school is a real estate agent has great spaces for us to hold the exhibit, it is very exciting!!! I am meeting with both Y. and M. from high school as well as S. but also M's girlfriend E. for a lovely dinner where I will also have a chance to show M. my plan for her :-)

Right now I need to go to sleep and keep getting better -- I got sick two days ago and it was aweful! It started off with strange stomach pain and slowly progressed throughout the day only to HIT me hard at night. I was cutting potatoes and cooking dinner because my mom was with my sister at the hospital, my sister broke her hand at basketball :-/ and while cutting the potatoes I started to shake, lose my sight, and slowly being pulled down. I knew these symptoms very well, I was about to faint. I literally had to run to the bathroom in case I needed to throw up and sit down so I wouldn't fall. I have no idea how I managed to finish cooking dinner but after I just collapse in bed. I slept for about 2 hours before getting up feeling slightly better. I still struggle with nausea and extreme hot flashes. My stomach is still shooting pain but at least my head does not hurt as much as 2 days ago. However, if I do not finish this entry now I shall need a new computer because my stomach is feeling oh so upset at the moment.

Until later kind people and remember to click the underlined words because they are links to fun things haha


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