Friday, February 26, 2010

Bosavi Silky Cuscus

I was watching a show on TV where scientist traveled to New Guinea, Bosavi. They were looking for any creatures living in the resting volcano and the animals they found were so amazing! Nature was untouched and so beautiful, however according to one of the scientist global warming might actually ruin everything, which is horrible. I fell in love with one of the newfound creatures; the Bosavi Silky Cuscus. Such a pretty animal!! They caught it so they can name it and examine it before releasing it back to the jungle. They were amazed the animal was not afraid of people, it shows how they are not affected by the horrible hunters which I hope will stay that way! There is something wrong with my blog so I linked the picture of the cute Cuscus haha

Needed to share my discovery with you wonderful people, and now I will return to the online treasure hunt -- talk about brain exercise :-)

Until later nature protectors


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