Sunday, February 21, 2010

Benefit concert

A very long day, long weeks. Today was the anticipated concert and the performers were amazing!! We had a blast, mixed with some cat drama haha. The concert, which was held to raise awareness for the people in Haiti, was a trainwreck! The advertisement was horrific and if someone would have given me all the information on time we would have made sure it would have been a success. We had top notch singers and muscians yet only about 50 people showed up. It wasn't only too little marketing, the horrible blizzard that swept throught the country played a major role of course. People were stuck on trains for hours and days, wherever we walk it is icy. Everyone complains about how cold this winter is and it is all about global warming. I just want to say one thing to you; remember the 80's? Same weather, actually even worse! I mean if you would go back in time to bring a viking with you they would think it is a regular winter! Sweden is very up north so having a cold and white winter is NORMAL!! Stop bitching about how cold it is and how this is the result of global warming..I digress -- as I said the experience was amazing, we sold several Inspired Gifts and we are excited about the other upcoming concerts (next week). I do have to say though, taking care of celebrities was almost like caring for a daycare, very confusing (they were that is) and den mother (me) had to make sure everything was taken care of. I absolutely loved every minute of my aching legs and boggled mind -- event planning is an awesome job and no need to go to school for it according to me (my friend studied event planning...there actually is an education for that). Oh well, I need to get some sleep because my body is running on spare batteries that are almost running out as well.

Until later darlings


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