Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost time and odd hotels

Crazy morning today. I had an appointment somewhere that is an hour away from home. I got on the subway, to get to the train. It took me a hell of a long time and lots of freezing. I finally arrived and she looks at me in surprise.

Me: Hi Z.
Z: Uhm, hi. What's up?
Me: (oh no something is wrong!) I have an appointment.
Z: When?
Me: Uhm, today at 11 am. Now actually.
Z: What is it for?
Me: The usual.
Z: No, it's in March.
Me: (WHAT THE FUCK!!!) Hmm, no. You wrote on my card it is today.
She runs inside to check her calender. I check mine, I am right.
Z: I must have written the wrong month because I have March 27. It is also a Saturday. Shit, this is the second time I do this to you! I am so sorry! Come back next month and I will lower the price for you.

I smile and reluctantly go to the train to get to the subway to get back home. Lost 2 hours on the road and accomplished nothing. I got home and wanted to go to sleep so bad but instead of giving into my desire for my bed, I opened the computer and started reading the online papers. I found this awesome article about odd hotels and hotel rooms, around the world and felt I needed to share my findings with you. I would love to host a show whose main plot is to find the weirdest hotels all over the world! That would be an amazing job and experience :-)
(Snow hotel in Kemi, Finland is one of the hotels I would define as odd. Beautiful but odd haha. Click on the link, odd hotels and hotel rooms, for more pictures)

For now I will return to the online treasure hunt and perhaps I will find my way to the end!!
Until later wordly people


Friday, February 26, 2010

Bosavi Silky Cuscus

I was watching a show on TV where scientist traveled to New Guinea, Bosavi. They were looking for any creatures living in the resting volcano and the animals they found were so amazing! Nature was untouched and so beautiful, however according to one of the scientist global warming might actually ruin everything, which is horrible. I fell in love with one of the newfound creatures; the Bosavi Silky Cuscus. Such a pretty animal!! They caught it so they can name it and examine it before releasing it back to the jungle. They were amazed the animal was not afraid of people, it shows how they are not affected by the horrible hunters which I hope will stay that way! There is something wrong with my blog so I linked the picture of the cute Cuscus haha

Needed to share my discovery with you wonderful people, and now I will return to the online treasure hunt -- talk about brain exercise :-)

Until later nature protectors


Least I Could Do!!!

A year ago or so H. told me about this webcomic, Least I Could Do. I have referred to it before on my blog but never actually linked it (as far as I can remember). I really like it and want you to check it out. I have linked it to the first page ever made (click on the website title underlined above) but the interesting parts come later on when the artists are: Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza -- actually even earlier. But for you to understand the comic it is worth reading from the beginning. The comic is updated on a daily basis and on Valentine's Day they have a contest where readers send in why they should be depicted in the comic and who they want to date. It is a humourous comic, bringing up current events in its own manner, using loads of sexual contents and the main character, Rayne is player number 1!! I cannot explain it as it deserves so just check it out and hopefully you will not be disappointed!

(Rayne is in the middle, surrounded with some of the characters from the comic)

Until later fantasy lovers


rage rage rage

(I feel ya dude!)

Rage just POURS out every cell!!! Earlier I wrote an entry about that flimsical artist, Carola. I have read a new article about her concert. IT IS SO ENRAGING!!!!!!!!!!!!! The article covered the story about how she surprised the host of the concert by "popping the question", nowhere in the article did they refer to Haiti (only that the benefit concert was for Haiti). The comments were the best to read, one who actually went to the concerts wrote, and I quote

"emkola, 65 år, Idag 12:56
Är så besviken idag. Trodde att jag igårkväll var på en stödgala för Haiti, men det visade sig vara en billig flamsdeiting-gala. Ångrar mitt stöd då jag inte tror att denna gala var ett dugg seriös. Aldrig mer Filadelfiakyrkan!"

Let me translate this for all you non swedish speaking lovelies, I will translate it just as she wrote it so I know it will look weird but so you know I am not making anything up:

"emkola, 65 years, Today 12:56 (person writing the entry and date)
Am so disappointed today. Thought I last night was at a benefitgala for Haiti, but it turned out to be a cheap flimsydating-gala. Regret my support as I do not think this gala was serious at all. No more Filadelfiachurch!"

~source is

It is really sad that no matter what this moronic woman does the Swedish media loves to cover her dumbass stories in the papers.

I should go take a cold shower before my rage increases and I throw my computer to the floor :-P
Until later darlings


Thursday, February 25, 2010

uhm yeah

This video needs no introduction so just watch it :-)

Until later crazy people :-P


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Future star?

This is a girl I stumbled upon on YouTube. She is really good so check out her channel and enjoy her voice, maybe we will see her on TV in the future, until then we can hear her on YouTube.

Teresa LoBianco singing "Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa.

Until later dearest


VENTING again...

I have now finished this weeks events and they were a BLAST!! I would love to do this again and again but the party will stop I guess.

I just have to get this piece of information off my chest, because it pissed me off!!!!

I get so mad when I read in the papers about charity concerts for Haiti by people that really don't give a shit about the people in need. To them this is the perfect opportunity for free PR! The worst concert taking place now is with an artist called Carola, she is one of Swedens biggest stars. When the earthquake ruined Haiti she was in the papers expressing her worries and heartache for the child she gives money to every month. She was crying about how she didn't know if he is alive or not and how she needs to go to Haiti to find him! Later the papers wrote about her joy when finding out the boy was alive. She went down there to meet him and of course once again the papers wrote about it. Here is the funny thing, she went down there to see the boy and she brought him a gift (there is a picture of this actually), the gift was a bottle of perfume! What the hell is wrong with you woman??!! You bring someone who has lost friends, family, home, EVERYTHING, a bottle of perfume!! Have you been smoking up too much that you have lost all your braincells?!! The boy actually told the papers, after she left, that he needed food but from his donor, who is an effing millionaire, but got perfume. How am I supposed to react when I, a couple of weeks later, see her face plastered in the papers along with two other dumbasses, talking about the charity concert coming up. When we had our charity concert this Sunday we tried to get papers to cover and advertise it only to get the answer that it is old news. WHAT??!! Where in your right mind is the condition in Haiti old news?! Someone please explain that to me! Anyways, the worst thing was not seeing their stupid smug faces but actually reading the article. They basically briefly mentioned the concert was a benefit for the situation in Haiti but the main story was about the three people in the picture, their passion when catastrophe hits (she actually said she comes to life when catastrophe occurs in the world--weirdo!), how they feel about this concert. One of them said he feels bad that he doesn't send money and then Carola says: "well, now you are giving of your time so you can feel good when putting your head on the pillow". Uhm, yea he is giving 3 hours of his LIFE to this! No, I hope you have nightmares and don't feel good when putting your head on the pillow! When you start doing things for other people without it benefiting you and your job, then you can feel good going to sleep! The concert will raise money for Carolas organization, *SCOFF* if they actually ever get there! These people have not been in the spotlight for some time and feel that they can take advantage of a situation like this to get back in the public eye. I used to respect Carola as a person and artist, now I am ashamed and so sad that people like this get all the attention and people like Lasse, who arranged our concert out of the kindness of his heart, gets no attention. Shame on everyone that is a part of this circus of media whores! Shame on you!

I know I can feel good about my efforts, get no pay and work over 12 hours a day. I can rest assured the money I raise will go straight to the projects UNICEF are working on in Haiti. They will not go to buying bottles of perfume that is for sure!

Now that I have ventilated I can actually post something fun! I read in the paper about this unknown singer and just had to post his youtube video.

Celebrated by Perez Hilton, Swedish Magnus Weideskog sings a cover of "Tik Tok". He is really good! I found out about him in a swedish newspaper. I hope you enjoy it!!

Until later darlings


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mixed mixed

Another concert down, one more to go! We made a lot more money today than Sunday and it will be awesome when I get the results from tomorrows concert. Now we are going to have to plan how to spend this money to the children in Haiti. Maybe we will buy a school-in-a-box for them or perhaps various afterschool gifts such as bikes, jumpropes, or footballs (european football). Whatever we choose it will be for the people in Haiti, we might actully just send them the money and UNICEF headquarter will decide what to do with the money. I am overwhelmed by some peoples generosity, this kid put together something for his schoolproject and decided to involve UNICEF and give all the raised money to us. This is what makes me get up and do what I do for free! I bust my ass, more than a 9-5 job, with no pay except for the gratitude of people like Viktor at Rytmus Musikergymnasium!! Well done Viktor, we applaud you! I had to speak before the concert about our work in front of the audience -- and again tomorrow, hope it will be better than today haha. I don't even remember what I said or if I was unclear but the girls seemed to think I did well -- I just have to trust them I guess :-)

While counting the money (pain in the ass as well eyes) I have been listening to the finalists of Idol Sweden 2009 and just have to post the videos of some of their performances. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This is Calle Kristiansson, the runner-up but still great! He auditioned with this song, "Walking in Memphis" check out the audition as well because it is great!

This is the winner Erik Grönwall (My choice for 2009 Idol throughout the contest) with "The Show Must Go On"

This is the "winning" song sung by the winner of Idol 2009 Erik Grönwall "Higher"

Ok, now I must defy the ICE COLD weather and take Nala out, who seems too happy to go out -- could be because she hasn't been out in over 6 hours. I should invest in shoes for her because as soon as her paws touch ground she starts limping due to the very cold snow.
Until later lovelies


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Benefit concert

A very long day, long weeks. Today was the anticipated concert and the performers were amazing!! We had a blast, mixed with some cat drama haha. The concert, which was held to raise awareness for the people in Haiti, was a trainwreck! The advertisement was horrific and if someone would have given me all the information on time we would have made sure it would have been a success. We had top notch singers and muscians yet only about 50 people showed up. It wasn't only too little marketing, the horrible blizzard that swept throught the country played a major role of course. People were stuck on trains for hours and days, wherever we walk it is icy. Everyone complains about how cold this winter is and it is all about global warming. I just want to say one thing to you; remember the 80's? Same weather, actually even worse! I mean if you would go back in time to bring a viking with you they would think it is a regular winter! Sweden is very up north so having a cold and white winter is NORMAL!! Stop bitching about how cold it is and how this is the result of global warming..I digress -- as I said the experience was amazing, we sold several Inspired Gifts and we are excited about the other upcoming concerts (next week). I do have to say though, taking care of celebrities was almost like caring for a daycare, very confusing (they were that is) and den mother (me) had to make sure everything was taken care of. I absolutely loved every minute of my aching legs and boggled mind -- event planning is an awesome job and no need to go to school for it according to me (my friend studied event planning...there actually is an education for that). Oh well, I need to get some sleep because my body is running on spare batteries that are almost running out as well.

Until later darlings


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Regular morning at the KH household..or is it?

Just had to tell you, I have been waking up really early lately because I have had things to. Before I would go to sleep around 4-6 am and wake up at like 3 pm. Now I go to sleep latest 3 am and I wake up at around 10 am. Today was no different except I am not in a rush to head out. My mom walks in to my room, to play with Nala (which she does throughout the entire morning, even if I am sleeping, every morning!). She sees that I am up. She first looks at me in silence, as if she is thinking what she is seeing is actually happening, then the questions come:

Mom: "Where are you going?"
Me: "Nowhere..."
Mom: "Why are you up?"
Me: silence
Mom: "Are you going to meet someone, do you have an appointment somewhere?"
Me: Silence
Mom: "Are you still feeling sick?"
Me: "Nooo, it's better..."
Mom: "What is wrong with you? Why are you up? Has something happened?"
Me: *sigh* (feel my morning mood is about to kick in) "Nothing is wrong, I am up because I am up, nothing has happened..."
Mom: (to my dog) "Wooow, we are up before noon, it is a miracle indeed! Your mommy is weird"
Nala: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Mom: (to my dog again) "Well, I see your habits have not changed" walks away muttering "I thought there was something odd with the owner now I see there is something wrong with both owner AND the dog...what do these creatures (includes me in this of course) find so exciting with sleep!" Hears my dad snore..."Yea, there's the answer. THEY GOT THIS FROM YOU NOT ME!"
Dad: startled "HUH HUH, whaaa, what happened, what's what? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Mom: "mmhhmmm, case and point"

I wish I could "make up" a morning like this but it is actually VERY common in this household! Well, I am hitting the shower and then I am having a breakfast with SoyGurt, cereal, and raisins ! It is not as bad as it sounds (the soygurt that is). I shall enjoy it for some time forward..

Until later early birds


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charity, stress and illness

We had our first meeting as coordinator yesterday, which I almost missed, and it was so much fun! Me and my new wonderful friend M. have been going over all the things we brought up at the meeting so it was all a rerun but for the rest of the group it was all new news. Our upcoming event is a benefit concert to help UNICEFs work in Haiti, unfortunately the number of sold tickets is horrifically low!! If you happen to be in Stockholm please feel free to buy a ticket at It will take place at Hotel Rival in Stockholm at 7 pm. The tickets are 240 kronor, and all the proceeds will go to UNICEF. Tickets will be sold at the door as well :-)

This past week I have been busy with recruiting VärldsFörälder "WorldParents", monthly donation to UNICEF and all the causes we work for, at IKEA. It was real fun but it literally took my breath away, I have no idea how many balloons I gave my oxygen to! This weekend will be more balloons, dreading it already! I have been so busy lately that I finally turned the day around again. Not only am busy with volunteering but one of my close friends from high school, who loves photography and is thinking of selling her art, does not know how to begin or go about things. The saddest part is that she does not believe in own talent, so my job is to help her out -- or as I like to call it: be her manager. I have some great ideas and have made up a plan for her to follow if she wants. One thing that I think will be exciting is having a small gallery opening. One of my other close friends from high school is a real estate agent has great spaces for us to hold the exhibit, it is very exciting!!! I am meeting with both Y. and M. from high school as well as S. but also M's girlfriend E. for a lovely dinner where I will also have a chance to show M. my plan for her :-)

Right now I need to go to sleep and keep getting better -- I got sick two days ago and it was aweful! It started off with strange stomach pain and slowly progressed throughout the day only to HIT me hard at night. I was cutting potatoes and cooking dinner because my mom was with my sister at the hospital, my sister broke her hand at basketball :-/ and while cutting the potatoes I started to shake, lose my sight, and slowly being pulled down. I knew these symptoms very well, I was about to faint. I literally had to run to the bathroom in case I needed to throw up and sit down so I wouldn't fall. I have no idea how I managed to finish cooking dinner but after I just collapse in bed. I slept for about 2 hours before getting up feeling slightly better. I still struggle with nausea and extreme hot flashes. My stomach is still shooting pain but at least my head does not hurt as much as 2 days ago. However, if I do not finish this entry now I shall need a new computer because my stomach is feeling oh so upset at the moment.

Until later kind people and remember to click the underlined words because they are links to fun things haha


Sunday, February 14, 2010

link link link

Omg!! I just taught myself how to link without actually writing down the link but incorporate it in the text (like I did in the Fake day entry) I am soooo excited!!! For a semi computer illiterate I am making great progress!! Yeay for me and my links! Ok, lemme link something to you

Until later curious Georges aka Nicke Nyfiken of the world


Down with fake day :P

I have written a couple of entries but I guess they didn't register -- ugh!! Anyways, Happy crappy day all!! I honestly do not believe in V-day. What a LAME excuse for people who are too lazy or crappy to show their love and affection on a daily basis. The best thing is that this day is supposed to be for the people that can only show their love ONE day out of 365 days BUT they still manage to forget about the day when it arrives hahahahaha....lame lame lame...Oh I so dislike how the restaurants were/are in LA. We made the mistake of wanting to eat out on V-day but without reservations there was no point in leaving the house. IF you are lucky to get in at a restaurant the menu is fixed for couples and looooove food (whatever bs that is). I have never prayed for a McDonalds or any other fast food place as hard as I did that day! I am not one of the people that go around walking on air because it's Valentine's Day nor am I like the people sulking, scoffing or hating on that day -- I am a person who thinks the world has lost the true meaning of Valentines day! It is not what Hallmark wants us to believe. You are supposed to show your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend ALL THE TIME!! You never know when it is gone so one day will not suffice!

Check out this link where you can find a little something about true Valentine (if you read the whole article you will see that Nimrod actually means mighty hunter...I should stop calling people Nimrod when I want to insult them, defeats the purpose don't you think?). I hope you like what the fake day actually means and get you out of the state of "I MUST celebrate it!"

Until later every day lovers


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To hell with all kinds of diets!

I have been on a "diet" these past days, and by diet I mean no more junk food, candy, or anything that is not food or healthy. I started off this diet about 2 weeks ago and to be honest my stomach has just grown. S is the one who lured me in and at first she said to eat whatever food I wanted but in moderation. Ok, I can totally get that. Then she said to eat less carbs, which I agreed to. And then she said to eat mostly salad and chicken, if I wanna have a potatoe I should eat much less in one meal only to increase my other meal by a little and bla bla bla, and so began the route to diet hell. THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!!!! I was drawn in by the pretences that I would maintain my food and just cut out all the sweets I would eat throughout the day. I have decided not to OBSESS about what I eat during my meals but eat what I want and exercise at the same time, something S. does not believe in at this moment. She said to follow this food plan (she doesn't believe in diets -- call an apple an orange but it is still an apple..this is a diet!) After following this "plan" and shedding some fat then exercising will start...SCREW THIS!!! I have been a straight up BITCH because all I can think about is what I can and cannot eat -- I start craving crap I don't even like, such as chocolate! I should have known better, forbidding me to eat something just makes me crave it that much more! Ugh, anger and craving are pouring out of every pore in my body....

Luckily I love fruit so I have replaced all my snacks with fruit. In order for me not to get bored I vary my fruit, for example I made fruit cocktails, fruit salads, regular fruit etc. It may take me longer to lose the weight but at least I won't be such a bitch any longer! No more guilt but more determination!!!

Here are some pics of what I made but could not eat:

In the fruit cup is;- pomegranate, strawberries (I have been eating soo many strawberries it scares my parents), and kiwi!!! Delish! Then there is chocolate pudding (dunno if it's good because I never tasted it) In the middle it is chocolate pudding mixed with vanilla custard (same story as chocolate pudding)

Then I did something very naughty! I poured vanilla custard over the fruit cup -- fruit cocktail or whatchamightcallit...but the fruit was sooo addicting! It was worth the amount of time it took to fix all the fruit. Lemme tell you, pomegranate that is not fresh fresh is pain in the ass to break..but if you want it bad enough it is worth the fight! Great dessert for dinner guests, very fresh and light and very easy to make!

(Nala longing for the yummy things in the cup)

Here is another picture of the adorable Nala (who loves pomegranates) eating pomegranate

(I wannaaa say...E.T phone think she thinks it it sour? It is not even in her mouth, she just licked the juice haha)

(She walked away mad because I would not let her have vanilla custard...and if one more person tells me she is fat or too big I will flip out! For all of you Paris Hilton wannabes, this is the size of a pure bred female chihuahua. Not a freaking tea-cup! She is not an accessory to the bag!

(Her favorite place to chillax. As you can see on the right hand corner, her bed is right there but she prefers my pillow when I am not around. I caught her sleeping and as soon as I took out the camera she had to pose. It is like she thinks she is Paris Hilton at times)

Until later food lovers!! Down with diets!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Funny funny

Re-discovered comedian Russell Peters that I must introduce to my blog!!

Also check out Australian comedian Carl Barron, very funny but be prepared to have a slightly hard time unnderstanding him!

Until later laughstock


A plate of Super Bowl craze and a side of smooth music

Hello all of you wonderful people out there. If you are watching the Super Bowl, as most of America most likely is, hope you are enjoying the game! Meanwhile, I have posted this video that needs no introduction -- Enjoy this lovely Sunday with sports and music

Until later fans


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

As many of you know I LOVE comedy!! To laugh is the best thing and what better way to laugh is there than checking out some comedians? The first clip is of Nick Thune at The Improv in Hollywood, a place we have spent a few birthdays and shared great laughs. The Improv is very famous because all the great comedians have performed there, before and after their fame. Nick Thune is going on tour with one of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook! Can't wait to see the new tour :)

I know this stand up by Ellen is a couple of years old but OMG I just love her! This is her "Here and Now" tour. My favorite part is the Nancy part. I love how she jokes about things that are so true and that all of us can relate to in one way or another. I will upload the first part so you should check out the rest. A small insight to how I behave is in the part when she talks about how there are some people that always say; "gimme, I got it, I can fix it, gimme come on, gimme" -- about opening jars..guilty as charged hahaha -- I always stick my hand out and need to try fixing things myself and will not shut up until I have my way hihi...anyways, enjoy the hilarious Ellen

Also I would recommend you check out Al Del Bene, and Italian comedian and all you Italian speaking people will know why his name is funny :P

Until later Mr and Mrs Laughalot HAHAHAHA


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hyper only to crash

Being a coordinator for the group is not easy at all! Today was the first day I didn't feel I had to sit glued to the computer answering emails and trying to get my volunteers involved in various events. As much as I may think I am swamped I cannot deny I love it!! Throughout my school years I have been very busy, and going from that to NOTHING to do has been extremely difficult but now I am finally getting back!

However, as I feel like a vegetable at the moment I am keeping this entry short -- also my sister, D., is flipping out. I am sure the time my mom fell, while pregnant with her, made an impact on D. haha

I will return with news about UNICEF and my life later..until later faithful readers


Monday, February 1, 2010

Speaks to the heart

Back to Rated R! Will.I.A.M is an amazing artist and this song feat Rihanna is a clear HIT!

More songs for you to enjoy!

"Photographs" really depicts emotions that we have all felt at least once in our lifetime..

"All I've got is nothing without you...."

This next song speaks to my heart as I have been in the situation sung in the song. Someone once said that love makes people stupid and guess what, the same person made me more though. Every word in this song, I have said and heard about a specific STUPID period in my life, a long period not too long ago. For all of you who have been heartbroken will understand every word these amazing artists are singing...finally a song that literally describes my feelings, word by word!

Ne-Yo (just love his work!! Amazing), Brandy (What an artist! wow), and Rihanna (A star that keeps rising)

"Stupid in Love"

Until later strong men and women


The Last Song Rude Boy

Oh Rude Boy!!! Really like Rihannas' Rated R album, here is another song "Rude Boy" and "The Last Song"...great songs so click and enjoy!!

Until later lovers of life